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lmfao hows the hot yoga and yelling at the players working perry!

    ICEY P

    Were you expecting something different than what we’ve seen the past 5 weeks? We Trash….We’ll be trash again next week as well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

B Wick

Yeaaah this dude ain’t it

No Sir

This team is trash


We trash and don’t need to win anymore games this year anyway🤷🏿‍♂️


Tepper, ugh. The team is a mess, and I feel like Tepper is going to be the nail in the coffin for this team. I don’t even blame this interim coach. I blame Tepper. He comes to town and immediately triples the price of parking (from $20 to $60, which is outrageous!) and adds hard liquor to the beverage menu. As one guy who works there told me over the weekend, Tepper doesn’t care about anything but the money. He’s gonna destroy our team, our whole franchise. Biggest mistake was allowing him to buy the team.


    Wow, didn’t know he tripled the parking. Probably because not a lot of people park there honestly. I usually use the tram or whatever to get down there.
    But I don’t know about him being the cause of us losing. The current regime isn’t his, and now he’s gonna put his own stamp on things. If we still don’t have a winning team in five years, then we can talk.

    Brandi K

    I get the grievance over parking fee but what is the issue with the liquor? It is a very limited selection.

    MrandMrs Brown

    Every thing you are complaining about sounds like great business decisions.

    Brandi K

    @MrandMrs Brown we always walk from the hotel to the stadium so the parking wasn’t anything I noticed myself but I am confused about the liquor being a negative for certain. I am not a fan of beer so I never purchased that but the addition of liquor has gotten me to spend $$ that I otherwise wouldnt have.


Everybody that wanted Ron gone gonna regret it

Bernard D. Partridge

Mr. Fewell is cocompletely right. It’s the coaches responsibility to put the players in the best possible position but the players have to go out and execute. This team is not executing. Who is Donte Jackson anyway. He gets burned every game. We don’t know but they may be in tank mode now.


Ron should’ve been demoted to defensive coordinator. Like if you agee👇🏻

Brandon Scott

I just want an explanation on why or what we have to benefit from playing Kyle Allen!? He’s not our longterm answer, he’s not going to garner significant trade value, and he’s lost his spark. Put Will Grier in and see what happens and give the fans something to possibly look forward to.


Start Will Grier

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