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Sean McDermott | “We Have Work To Do”

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media on Tuesday, December 24.

Topics included; playing time for starters, offensive execution, and the importance of putting in the work this week.

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Gautham The OG


The Man With the Annoyed Face

So is Allen starting against the Jets? If so, why since we already clinched?? We don’t need anymore injuries

    Kimberly Granger

    He needs to take snaps . At least part of the game.

    Milk Steak

    @Kimberly Granger yes he does

    Chase Perring

    possibly because the jets will most likely play some back-ups and maybe Allen can come out and torch them, and get some confidence back heading into the playoff’s

    Duck Squad

    I doubt he’s gonna play the whole game, but being a young QB going into the playoffs and needing to work on some things, it’s definitely the right decision to play him a bit. Game speed is always the best way to work on your game

    barbara Swingle

    No announcement yet on that

Buffalo Bills

Bills Mafia baby

Master Reactors

Go bills

Andrew Hampton

He better hope Josh and other players don’t get hurt.


    Bill’s have been the healthiest team all year. Teams done a great job

James Jacobsen

that’s right coach, don’t let em get Rusty


    I agree with his decision Allen is good he needs to get better if they want to win in the playoffs


Pass protection needs major improvement!… LUV THE BILLS!

Elkeno Brown

Good stuff let josh throw deep all game get that deep ball accuracy going

    barbara Swingle

    That is wrs not josh


To my favourite football team I have been with you guys the good times and the bad times go bills go go Buffalo Merry Christmas

Derrick Robinson

I will play duke and yeldon and let allen throw deep so we can see if duke can go get it and yeldon cuz gore hit the wall since October

    barbara Swingle

    He is but no wrs around to catch the ball

    Derrick Robinson

    @barbara Swingle i will play foster and duke both has size see what they can do i don’t see why McKenzie is playing cuz he does a jet sweep i want a wr catching the ball

    Derrick Robinson

    @barbara Swingle they could have use a bigger wr like duke last week at the 8 yd line he’s physical and i take my chance with going up getting the ball on any corner including Gilmore in that spot than Beasley

Danny Delvalle

Merry Christmas coach

barbara Swingle

No u don’t ignore the negative press. The only thing we work on is trick plays to beat patriots n ravens. Two I see is minor with team because we winning in other ways. Wrs catching up to Josh’s strong arm n minor huge one penalties

charlie Walsh

It always takes a couple of days for coach to gather his thoughts after a good productive loss ,to put together the words to explain to us common folk why this loss was helpful !

Sonya Capotblanc

Merry Christmas
One and all
Go Buffalo Bills

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