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Josh Allen | “We Are Preparing Really Hard”

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media on Tuesday, December 24.

Topics included; playing time on Sunday, getting himself ready for the playoffs, and being in the community during the holiday season.

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Bob 123



This man looks ready for a playoff game.

    Smiles Blake

    BryceTheDice sup yeah your right

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

17 Pts is the Bills ceiling… Good luck

    Chase Perring

    @Nick Michael what he needs is a wr thats over 6ft tall… he throws down the field and its hard to do that when you know your wr can out jump anyone

    Derrick Robinson

    Did allen turn u down on something or what or u have a little crush and don’t want to admit it

    Richard Ramirez

    Oh look,its the section 8 crackhead of YouTube who is pathetic, jealous and is a loser.Must be a cheatriots fan.

    Karo French

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers They dont pick the schedule but They beat some winning teams and kept it close in the playoff teams games.

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @Karo French they haven’t beat a good team all season and almost doesn’t count

Master Reactors

Go bills

Jerudah Eubanks

Josh I love you dude but plz dont rush your throws I believe in you and our team and coaching staff we had that new England but things just didn’t go our way

    Chase Perring

    with that O-line he doesnt have much of a choice


You got this Josh!

Joniah Nelson

jerry millett

You’re the Man Josh!! 1-11 ☝🏻Let’s do this!!!

Michael Connor

Why play Josh in a meaningless game? He should be getting ready for the Texans, not the Jets.

    Dicky Diablo

    no better way to prepare than play. Jets have a great defense and are a good test. He just shouldn’t play the whole game

    Tony Black

    Michael Connor They all need game action especially Allen. He’s still young and raw. He needs all the reps he can get.

    William Hardy

    Normally id say the same but allen needs more in game experience. See him and the offense test sum ish out

John Marlow

O-line protect and earn your keep, Josh is a competitor so should they be, and Defense play lights out and tackle like your life depends on it, and some sacks and turnovers wouldn’t hurt neither!!!👍

BillsMafia87 ny

Il be at the game Sunday with about 6 others! Go Bills!


Go Bills! Go Pokes!! Both of my teams playing in the post season.

James Jacobsen

forget just trying to get the first down from now on. Josh Allen Busta move, toss those safeties and corner back’s to the tuff. you can take it to the house for fifty Or sixty yards

    William Hardy

    Mans needs to throw the ball away a lot more on early downs instead of a sack and our line has to step up and help him

John Doe

Been a die hard Bills fan my whole life and now that they are starting to be decent I find my self less interested in the NFL. Sick of watching the F’n Pats get every call, sick of the refs keeping games near the Vegas line, and sick of politics leaking into the league!

    Tom Gillotti

    It’s a shame the league continues to allow kraft to remain an owner.

Sonya Capotblanc

Any given day

Richard Ramirez

Just got my autographed josh allen football tonight for Christmas.Thank you wifey and Josh. Let’s go buffalo.

    Foundation Music Ministry

    Richard Ramirez nice congrats! I bought myself 2 Rookie Devin Singletary autograph rookie cards numbered to /75…


You should be trying to score six or seven touchdowns a game. Why can’t you ever pile onto opponents? Brady does.

    kornboi xD

    Exactly, I wish the bills could just pound as many touchdowns on the opponent as possible. Instead we play very conservative as soon as we take the lead.


    kornboi xD McDermott and Daboll try like one trick play a month. McDermott seems to take pride in close games. Belichick wants to crush opponents.

ll S N A R L ll

Go get em kid… just let er rip!!! 🌲😎


Go Josh !!! Merry Christmas!!! God bless and Go Bills!!! 🙂

Kevin Kozak

Josh definitely is not a finished product but damn he has some talent. They need to teach him to hit the outlet receivers and how a out some screens to loosen up the pass rush. That throw he made to Smoke against New England off his back foot right on target just shows what talent this guy has. Only Mahomes could pull that throw off. I still say the Bill’s need a new OC. If we get a good one look out!!!

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