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Sean McDermott | “Do it at a Championship Level”

Bills head coach, Sean McDermott addressed the media on Monday, topics included: Bills wide receiver, Isaiah McKenzie playing cornerback against the NY Jets, keeping preparation consistent heading into the playoffs, and the return of Texans' defensive end, J.J. Watt for this week's playoff game.

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Robert Cooney

Hey COACH, is your job on the line when you lose Saturday?

    hail Kozakistan

    Bills hadn’t been to the playoffs in almost 20 years, this man breaks that streak his first year (with some help), and got us there again this year(on our own). McDermott rules

    Jacob Marino

    No.. Hes not worried about his job lol he’s done great for us. Thank the new owners cause it really is a new era thanks allen and McDermott but…. Not you daboll

    Robert Cooney

    @Jacob Marino got you talking lololol

    Ali Akbar

    Robert Cooney bro wtf kind of channels you subscribed to? Couple that with your picture and lone video I’m deeply disturbed

    Justin Gray

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers you clearly haven’t watched games this year, Allen has struggled with the deep ball all year they’ve taken plenty of shots just haven’t connected.

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

After they lose the game they need a New Modern coach.. Josh Allen isn’t a typical pocket passer. You can’t have an ancient style playbooks when u have a talent like that.. But the Bills will waste and ruin Allen

    marcus mayne

    Bills are gonna win at least 3 rings with Josh Allen!

    Jacob Marino

    Your right they do need a new coach an offensive coordinator type one errr what did we call that hashtag oh yeah! #firebriandaboll

    Aurora Rain

    @L.J. Wolf that’s what happens when you sell drugs, and don’t work, she is a negative hating troll

    L.J. Wolf

    Aurora Rain 😂

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @Aurora Rain Sell drugs??? Fat white lady I live on a 7 figure house🤣🤣🤣 you must have me confused with u

Grade A Games

OK please… Sean McDermott is NOT gonna leave Buffalo

    The 3 Flippers

    Yes sir


Go bills! RIP Poncho.

Mel ManChild Jones

We’re gonna win the Super Bowl!!!! #BillsMafia

    robert jendrasiak

    Mel ManChild Jones ……..Someday but not this year.


    No, no you’re not. You proably lose to the Texans and there’s no way you’re beating the Ravens.

    Th3WildRov3R _

    Nautilus1972 we almost beat the ravens, what are you talking about. Last time I checked that game came down to the last drive. And we will beat the Texans. Maybe not the Super Bowl, but we will make it to the AFC championship.

    Mel ManChild Jones

    @Th3WildRov3R _ that person is just hating..his team probably sucks lol


    @Mel ManChild Jones No K Gun, no win. Limiting Allen limits us to 23 points, then have to put it all on the defense every time, its depleting, need a gun slinger head coach and Jameis Winston or Allow Josh to play all out interceptions and all

Flabby PigLegs

Why do they even bother doing this?


We can beat every team, if we score enough points on offence. Let’s go Buffalo#Billsmafia


    Offense has got to score points every game from here on out. We can’t rely on our defense to win games in the Playoffs!

    James Baker

    If we score more points then the other team we win. Hope this helps.


Coach of the year

    The 3 Flippers

    Yes sir

Mike Meagher

I do not doubt the players and the coach. What will fail this team is the offensive coordinator. He has blew it all year long and it will not surprise me if that idiot fails this team again come this weekend.

    Alex Kolarczyk

    Calm down bro our offense got a lot better in the 2nd half of the season.

    Josh Allen TD-INT was 3-6 in his first 4 games.
    He was 17-3 in the next 12 games.

    We were a Top 5 rushing O most of the season, finished #8.

    Texans have one of the worst defenses in the NFL look up the stats. We definitely should be favored to win this game. Bills 27, Texans 16.

    Ryan Pinney

    Mike Meagher maybe saving something for the playoffs??

robert jendrasiak

“Keep it consistent “…means only make field goals.

Don Abramo

Excited for the playoffs! Go BUFFALO!

J. Allen

I’d be shocked if he actually activated Duke.

Jerome K

If the Bills can win the Bowl this year, it would surprise everyone. As a longtime Bills fan, I am focused on the Texans..

James Jacobsen

Open it up play loose play fun

Aurora Rain

coach better motivate those guys, and use the collective to keep that energy high, and don’t try, just say we are going to WIN that game

Th3WildRov3R _

Activate Duke. We need to be on point in the offensive play calling department. We have got to start passing on first down more. We’re too predictable with the run, run, pass type “play it safe” strategy. We need to mix it up and throw the Texans defense off their game. Cole Beasley is going to be the player that needs to shine the most. Also Tre White on defense. He needs to lock up Hopkins. We got this. If our D line plays great, and our O line plays great, I think this game is ours. We need our front 4 to be solid on both sides of the ball.


    Correct, painfully correct, its too painful, have a solid defense with inadequate offensive support


Instead of K Gun we get Panther football, what a waste


Will be another wasted decade, along the lines of the Bengals – almost doesn’t cut it


5:45 Belichick thinks he’s slick

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