Buffalo Bills 2019 Playoffs: Championship Caliber – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Childish Brandino

Lets go buffalo! I know we have this in us, for pancho, Kyle, super Cade, and the mafia!!

    Christian Colarusso

    You will…then when you go against the Ravens your done

    Chris Booth

    @Christian Colarusso Not sure why you would think that considering how close it was last time the Bills played them. The Bills are the only team that has shut Lamar down over the last 10 weeks so I am sure the Ravens are rooting for the Texans to win.

    Dan Rod

    Rest in peace Pancho

BillsMafia !


Childish Brandino

Just finished the video, well done had chills the whole time, just don’t like the way our blue looked all video looking like turquoise

    mac stacks

    Making us look like dolphins

    mac stacks

    @Dominick u sound dumb

    Achilles 1776

    @iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers my god you are ignorant

Kevin Wilson

Can we keep Duke Williams active we will need him in the playoffs and let josh allen use his legs more to make plays




Awesome video, but it really looked like Dolphins uni’s out there with the off color editing. Would love to see this with classic Bills colors! Go Bills! Love this team!!!!!!

    Chris Delagarza

    YOU SEEN THAT TOO… I was like WTF


    @Chris Delagarza Totally, somebody in the video editing got a little too creative!


    I thought I went colorblind for a second


Go Bills!

Nick Jasper

Is it my computer, or do the uniforms have a teal/Dolphins look to them?


    Nick Jasper I see it too

    Chaz Williams

    Nick Jasper they do I think it’s the camera or format they’re using

Melody Martin

Chills. Let’s Goooooooo!!!

Ayden Katta

Changing it I agree let’s go buffalo but yea what about the jerseys


why do the bills uniforms look like miami?


I guess we are using some of that Dolphins power used against the pats. Just win baby, WIN!!

James Jacobsen

billieve super bowl party is on the way

scott devereaux

Chills! Let’s do it for Pancho!!!

Luis A. Escamilla

Love It!!



Jared Merklinger

What is this the Miami bills?

Greg Bowen

Remember that when the Texans were the “Oilers “…. the comeback game. Billieve, Billieve, Billieve!!!
I think I’m the only Aussie Bills fan who still owns an original Zubaz cap!!!

    Ehm Ee

    I actually heard matt hasslebeck make a reference to the Texans being the old oilers this past Sunday and he’s absolutely incorrect. The Texans weren’t ever the Oilers. The old Houston Oilers are now the Tennessee Titans. As a matter of fact, the Oilers were the Tennessee Oilers for one season in the late 90’s after the team moved and the year after, they were officially named the Tennessee Titans. Let’s go B-LOOO!!!

    Jesus is Lord I am a Servant

    Greg Bowen
    Actually the Titans were formerly the Oilers not the Texans. Lol. The Texans came into the league as an expansion team with Carolina in 94.
    But yes it was a Great Comeback for the Bill’s man…I loved that Game! Go Bills


    Remember the 4 straight SB losses lol

Steely Fan

This squad is gonna be perennial contenders for the AFC East titles for a long long time with HC SM

Brian Mucha

All I want is a win Saturday, and the rest is gravy! Go Buffalo Bills!

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