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Seahawks vs. Eagles Wild Card Mic’d Up | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Listen to the sights and sounds from the Seahawks' 17-9 Wild-Card win over the Eagles in Philadelphia.

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Faze Clipzy

Please like this post if seahawks are going to be super bowl LIV champs!

    33n 3l

    At least beat the packers for us

    Limitless CEO

    Wentz get hit by JDC,comes back for another series reads coverages, audibles out of plays, scrables only to feel that hit that much later.🤔 It was multiple hits, not just the one shown. Or the whole thing was fake. He did say hee felt fine on IG the next day.. Chum chum.

    Jesse Hinds

    JeffDay We’ll see.

    Dirk Diggler

    I guarentee the Seacawks will beat the packers, the refs will make sure of it.

    Devin Torrence

    @Dirk Diggler aye .. you spelled SEAHAWKS wrong good buddy 😁 this beneath me !!

Stan Lee

make these longer pls! these are the playoffs

Jacob Clabaugh

Wilson is so genuine he asked if carson was ok

    Desert Mav

    Timmay 😎👍🏼


    He knows: ‘there but for the grace of (whoever) go I….’

    Sound Innovations design & production

    I came here hoping someone would notice he thought to say that. Those moments passing the opposing team its hard to think of all you have to say in the moment

    Armoni Boss


    Dirk Diggler

    Acting, they targeted him with the shot from Clowney.

Chris Munoz

2:13 lol lynch messing with homer

    Eric Ciriano

    Tryna make hom great

    Things & Stuff

    Actually, Turbin just let out a silent but deadly and Lynch needed a buffer.

    Makeup Minion

    Homer wear # 25 that number use to belong to someone who stuck it out for his team after the Superbowl debacle unlike Lynch

Shadow Warrior

“With 3 in the backfield, anything is possible’
D.K. Metcalf, 2020

Alejandro Ortiz

4:21 is so funny
“Good luck next week”
“con- congratulation for winning your division”
“Thank you”

    Enagy Atesik

    Cry eagle fry eagle.


marshawn: “remember, patience, smooth to the hole, gas.” i’ll keep that in mind tonight

    Buck Futtler

    forget the last part and you good.


    Timmay lmao 😂

    2 Madre

    I will remember that quote the next time I’m with my significant other😎

    Alisson Rodrigo


    Makeup Minion

    To bad lynch didn’t remember to stick it out after the Superbowl debacle.

Shahiem Cook

When Russ said ” I got you, I got you!!” I think we all felt that


The person doing the subtitles needs a raise


I love how Russell makes the move to put Marshawn in

    Shark Frozen

    The right time

    Rico Alexander

    MVP like!

Chris Kone

Lynch be trolling Homer 😂🤣 “youngster checking on the old folks!”

Oscar Gurule

Russell Wilson: Is Carson OK this man is a true leader and a true genuine player I am lucky to say that he is my quarterback for my Hawks

    O.D Henry

    He isn’t your quarterback because you don’t own the team and he isn’t a kid

    shane nelson

    @O.D Henry go frack yourself he is our QB and he is still a kid, not a toddler like yourself but a young badass

    shane nelson

    @O.D Henry wilson is your daddy tho blah haha

    Lil NippleD

    shane nelson what?

    shane nelson

    @Lil NippleD what what?

123 456

The confidence Pete and Russel have in D.K. is amazing. They recognize his athleticism and talent and I know if he stays with us he’ll be a top receiver in no time. Go Hawks!! 💙💚

huddy_ og

“ boyyyyyyyy I tell you bout these rookies man” Marshawn terrell Lynch-2020

mariah c

I laughed so hard at what marshawn lynch is saying to Travis homer . Hehe 😂😂😂 I keep rewatching that part over and over .


    Remember. Patience. Smooth to the hole…. Gas.

Devontae Nichols

When Russell said “Game Set Match” that gave me chills


“That damn Russel” -KJ with the truth

Garrett Maichel

Lynch mentoring the players at 1:13. Even if he doesn’t play a whole lot this season, I love him for coming back to support our boys.


Russ “where you from man?”
Soldier “right here in Philadelphia”
Russ “…………. Ok cool” LOL

Mar Wth


Commentator: spitting at the mic

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