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Quarterback Russell Wilson Divisional Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks with the media on Thursday during the second week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Nithilan E.

Go Hawks



Brennan H

I see a 3rd NFC championship for Russell Wilson👀

    A Fucking Bird

    I see a 2nd ring

    Things & Stuff

    O.K. 49er’s, we see your NFC West title and we raise you a NFC championship.


    A Fucking Bird I hope so bud, anything’s possible with Russ. DK is coming into his own. Go Hawks!!

    Andrew Nguyen

    A Second Ring


    Time for you to wake up and stop dreaming

Skoden Fineden

hey russ, you might wanna rush for 100 yards. or close to it.

Charles Harrison

Right here. Right now. R3 has the best attitude about himself and others. Go Hawks!

Sam Dath

Russell needs to feed DK go hawks

    Brady Carroll

    @NC9 Cortez Gordon gone yo…where you been?

    Brady Carroll

    GB will be looking for that after last week’s performance. I bet Hollister has a huge day though. He’s easy to overlook.

    Shanna Smith

    They’ll probably double cover so lockett will be getting those big plays I think

    Dom Jones

    @Brady Carroll casuals coming out lol😂💀

    Skoden Fineden

    maybe now that dk is on fire, will free up everyone else.
    pick your poison 💪🏾

Weston Dubs

14:51 Joey, he’s battling with Cox over there

Aaron Nathan

Russ is the best, calm collected zoned in & ready

Jordan Salinas

Let’s go Russ go hawks. God bless y’all man. Let’s get it


    Jordan Salinas hell yea brother!! 👌🏻

    Taujh Rutledge



I’m ready and will stay ready – whatever the outcome. GO HAWKS!

Timothy Gathings

Keep calling what you see and turn that damn headset off and we will be fine ..in Russ we 12’$ trust .. believe that .. you’re the greatest when you do you …you proved it in the championship game against GB in 2014 and against the Patriots in 2012 and against the Steelers in 2015 we need you to take over the offense ..Go Hawks !!!!

Nahom Tekeste

Hold up did Russel Wilson just call our offensive line really good

    John Calhoun

    He has to, to keep their confidence up. Youd never wanna bad mouth any teammate. Creates division in the locker room.

    Kidas Namso

    John Calhoun Facts if he comes out their and says they are trash how will that help them be any better 💯

James Madison

Lynch, two touchdowns, eighty five yards.

    shane nelson

    85 rushing? Hope so haha 225 passing

Alex Saucedo


Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks and let’s go beat Green Bay Packers please win Seahawks and Russell Wilson is better then Aaron Rodgers and let’s go Russell please win us a another super bowl!! Let’s go Russell Wilson you are amazing and so is DK Metcalf!!!

Ritc hie

Marshawn Lynch will be making a statement this Sunday…..

KamtheGod4536 Williams

Love you Russ we all we got we all we need

Kyle D Bear

Let’s go Russ! I believe in you! #unfinishedbusiness

Renee Amsbary

Have to admit would love Hawks going to SB, i think M. Lynch would really retire. Am having way to much fun having him back! Fly HAWKS FLY!


Look at Russell’s face. He looks great! At the beginning of the season he was a little chubby but he worked it off and you can tell he is focused! Way to go Russ!!! Go Hawks!


We need to see some creative work that we haven’t seen all season from Brian Schottenheimer! We need to go after this game offensively in “every” quarter like we want to win the game, not just the fourth quarter!!!!

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