Seahawks React To Best Road Game Record In Franchise History | Locker Room Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Seahawks React To Best Road Game Record In Franchise History | Locker Room Sound

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about being 7-1 on the road — the best away game record in franchise history — after their 30-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers in week 15 at Bank of America Stadium.

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Who’s here after falcons and niners

    Cameron Reason

    Big thanks to the falcons! Julio nice catch..Go Hawks

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    Can you say “bye week?” I know I can… GO ‘HAWKS!


    IvanTheHawk Seahawks fan from Atlanta


    I’m here, Go hawks


    Hilltop checkin in you all come to the emerald queen casino and watch the games on the 40ft hd 150$ drawing every quarter and a free meal every game go hawks

Cristian Pena


    Ethan Moreno

    Hey come one man Seattle is better than that where all about ☝️ this

Your a

1st IN THE N.F.C

    Rico Alexander

    @Minecrafters 2017 nope, even if the saints win.

    Rico Alexander

    Now we have to root for the packers, so that if there is a 3 way tie we clinch the no. 1 seed winning our last two games or root for the titans to beat the saints but that would be a tough ask.

    graham peebles

    Rico Alexander no if the saints win we drop to second because the saints have the tie brake because they beat us early this season

    Rico Alexander

    @graham peebles Nope, then it’s a 3 way tie with the packers and saints and we win that tie breaker. Check the playoffs machine on espn.

    Harry Singh

    graham peebles Nah if packers and Seahawks both win out Seahawks get the 1 seed. Even if saints have same record. According to playoff machine.

Minecrafters 2017

That’s what my team does!

Starkiller Legends

Seahawks has cliched the playoffs and first place again! Lets finish this. #GoHawks

A Fucking Bird

We’re definitely going all the way as underdogs! GoHawks!💙💚

    Beastmode 714

    We’re first in the nfc rn we’re def not underdogs😂

    Kevin Price

    @Beastmode 714 thats exactly why we are the underdogs we exceeded all experts predictions people had us being sub 500 team going into season now look at us we win alot close games never blow anyone out why they dont consider us elite but hey we get it done Go hawks!


Is time To give captain for duane brown

Steven Claggett

Been a fan since 1976, this the best Seahawk team I have ever watched.

    Jose Rangel

    Steven Claggett besides the Super bowl seasons right?

    Rico Alexander

    not as good as that team that was laying 50 on opponents

    Vishal Sathambakkam

    Not even the 2013 team?!

    jacob svetich

    Your high af! You realize we used to have an all time great defense powered by the beast on offense!?

Russ Magic

Damn, we need to get healthy……


Liquid Swords

Seahawks #1 Seed!!

Alpha Chadsky

Seahawks haven’t had at least 11 wins since 2014

John Alexander Arango Valencia

Leaders Today for the 49ers lost 🇨🇴💙💚

ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

Let’s do it again against the Cowboys if we face them

Hey, I'm D'monte

Poona voice😂

    Wes Takahashi


    TrippinOG 420 69

    For real


    Don’t worry… When he hits he you he sounds 10 octaves deeper… 😉 LOL

Tou Thor

We owe you one Atlanta! But wait…we can’t help you guys because you guys got knocked out already.


One game at a time. Let’s beat the Cards next week

Chiko Lemalu

We need everybody against Niners… let’s go Defense. Go hawks

Monitors of Decorum & Decency

Can you feel it, my 12’s?!?! That Super Bowl-esque, kind of feelin’?!?!

#DangeRUSSisthe2019MVP #DangeRUSS

    jacob svetich

    Sorry lamar is easily MVP..

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @jacob svetich maybe, maybe not… Lamar is an excellent player, but in terms of the players actual value pertaining to how that impacts a team’s success, means that Russell Wilson is the ACTUAL Most Valuable Player. It is the pragmatic, non biased way to assess both of those incredible players. You know that I am right, don’t you? 😉

    jacob svetich

    @Monitors of Decorum & Decency yes thats how you shoukd pick mvp

Yo Hon

Poona Ford is one of my favorite defensive lineman always with a happy smile and a great attitude and how about I’ve never had an 11-game win season that’s so awesome

    jacob svetich

    Ya first time hearing him talk and im already a fan.


I would love to have a full team photo of this years squad. I’d hang that up somewhere. This year through all the nail biting games and frustrations, and the extreme highs and great plays, I couldnt be more proud and more happy for a group of men. We’ve had great big personalities through the years but something about these guys here..we may not have 10 pro bowlers everywhere you look, we might not be as dominant as ’13 ’14, but what we have is that brotherhood that we were known for having and theres something special about lesser known guys banding together for what has been this season ✊

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