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Chris Carson Was “Making Every Kind of Play” | Locker Room Sound

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about the overall performance of running back Chris Carson, after Seattle's 30-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Week 15 at Bank of America Stadium.

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Joe Dirt

The box

Tony Frazier

Swear it looks like after every run he does it seems like he’s hurt.

    Carson Haugen

    i know dude it scares me lol

    Chris Lozada

    That a good thing

    Reaper btw-

    he runs harder than everyone

Dr Dab

Thank you #32…stay healthy 🙏

Karen Setzer

Awesome 😎 effort for Carson…carrying defenders over the goal line


Chris hitting the turf with his should has got to hurt, build a plastic cover over his uniform so he slides when he hits the turf.

    Puppygod Yt

    MegaTriumph1 obviously u never played on turf especially football

Gary Hawkins

Gonna be candid. The thought of a 200+ lb world class athlete admiring self in a mirror putting ear rings on spoils it for me

    JD C

    Gary Hawkins sounds pretty blunt boom boomer ….men wear earrings and they have since way back. Wake up—maybe you need a makeover—get a new haircut Gary. Or go find some culture old man.


    This isn’t the 60s anymore

    Gary Hawkins

    Women adorned themselves in my day, seeking attention.
    Males today: We’ll just take that for ourselves.

    Progressive? Cultural appropriation. Rome progressed also, to its own doom.
    It will bother me less if pretty Chrissy Carson aims for out of bounds less often. Course that might mess up his hair do.
    I understand, the cut back can be risky, injury or fumble but there’s greatness to be had in their assumption you’re gonna be a wuss, leaving them looking silly. Hey, we thought you were going out of bounds. Touchdown, Seahawks. Like The Mask of Zorro: Hey, we thought you were tied up. That’s because you’re stupid. Hahahha.

Liquid Swords

Let’s get Homer more carries. We need Carson healthy and strong for playoffs.

Timothy Gathings

Strength, effort , pad level I like my offensive line …. Go Hawks !!!! Let get em 12’$ it all up to you now !!!!!

Pamela Bluitt

Let’s stay on our a game you guys! Don’t wait until the fourth quarter to start scoring. These other teams are hungry just like we are. Hope most of our starters will get to play this week. GO HAWKS!!!!!


Its Great to see Travis and hold onto the ball C.J compete. What can you say about Chris Carson out of this world class AAA+ RB.

A Fucking Bird

Once we clinch the playoffs, rest Carson and start Travis.

Key Mon

That final first down run you had my dawg was BEAST!!!…. you put the game away with that one! Nobody wanted to hit you the whole game bruh! 🔥💪🏽🤙🏽 BIG UPS LEGEND!.


Dude’s a beast he takes Hits. I guarantee you the reason why Marshawn Lynch came to Seattle this weekend was because he wanted to have a personal workout in conversation with Carson I’m telling you all the way Carson is starting to tuck the ball in when he runs and braces for yardage that’s the same way beast mode carries the ball too because remember y’all beastmode had fumbling problems to so he’s been there and done that and he’s one of the greats for sure but hats off to Chris Carson and all the Carson haters I hope yall are watching cuz this boy is bad. I always have faith in Carson

kenneth miller

I think chris  carson is the most under rated back in the NFL.

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