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Seahawks Daily: Young Star In The Making

Rookie CB Tariq Woolen was named the NFL Defensive Player of The Week as the youngster has 4 interceptions in 4 consecutive weeks and became the first rookie to produce a fumble recovery plus an interception in back to back weeks since 1970.

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Rainbow Man

Beautiful!! 😍

Nuclear Salmon

Let The Rooks Cook, Keep The Rotation Up On The DL


Bryant, Brown, and Woolen. Almost to a LOB 2.0!

    Brandon Derrick

    Long time before nfl has a Chancellor/Thomas combo. Also missing the pass rush of LOB but Woolen does look good.

    lil debbie


    Bobby SavageHill

    @Roger Keast IV Yeah, I need to second this statement. Are we talking Tre Brown? I loved his fire initially, but he hasn’t been able to back up his Twitter talk with any on field play. Injury sucks, but I’ve lost faith in the guy.

    If we trade Sidney Jones, and Brown finds field time, then I might change my tune, but I haven’t seen Brown really at all since he was drafted, so I’ve almost written him off at this point.

    I hope he changes my mind like Geno, that would be fantastic.

    Christian Alexander

    The defense needs a new name this isn’t the LOB anymore

    Roger Keast IV

    @Bobby SavageHill Yeah at this point he should’ve said Jackson

Dj Doc

Let’s go Seahawks!!!!
Win or lose I am with it!!!!


DROY easily

Little Billy

Certified Star 💫

Gregory Campbell

Just imagine guys what it’s gonna be like once LJ collier gets back. Our defense will be nasty then.


    LJ is a bust 😂😂

    Bobby SavageHill

    You’re trolling, right?

    Gregory Campbell

    @Bobby SavageHill No I’m not. He’s a first round talent who unfortunately hasn’t shown his best yet but one he gets fully healthy I think he can be another weapon on our defensive line while adding some depth.

    Mares Reyes

    @ElijahTalk fqcts

    Mares Reyes

    He is a bust


Love you Jen



    Pablo Domingo

    I like this

    Bobby SavageHill

    UT SA Birds, ok. Not sure what that means.


L.O. P. Legion of Pups!

Michael Crowhorse - Chavez

Need 2 More too complete For all around Nickle an D.B structure we are there Diggs Neal Brown Bryent and Woolen we have Mike Jacks/J.Jones for the 2.0. BUT 1 -2 more fir Depth Cause Diggs not as youg but would help DBs. DLine Rotation is a Successful Formula let’s GO 2.0 BOOM X. !!

    Bobby SavageHill

    Could you break this statement up? It seems like one big run-on sentence .

    Michael Crowhorse - Chavez

    @Bobby SavageHill 👍

Maverick Consulting Group

Kid is incredible, but let’s not put so much damn pressure on the kid. Media needs to talk about something else for a hot minute. 😅#TheShadow

MyName Is Earl

Man, I hope he stays humble. I hope he doesn’t get a multimillion-dollar deal, Marry a famous hip hop gal and move to Denver. GO HAWKS


Tariq’s bound to get another int against Staley’s pass happy offense

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