Ken Walker couldn’t be stopped! | Seahawks Shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ken Walker couldn’t be stopped! | Seahawks Shorts

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for God and country

Who would have quessed that geno is doing as well as Russell had been doing for us in past years except for that deep ball


    @Mad Mel Kiper yup that deep ball is Russ’ best shot…but he isn’t doing it this year

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @lray1234 come on, you know he’s not talking ab Russ on the broncos. He’s talking about the almost unfathomable deep balls he threw as a seahawk. What he did for us was unquestionable, but geno can really throw too so if he stays limiting turnovers he can be really good for us


    @Sean Fitzpatrick actually I noticed Russ’ started short arming his deep balls last year…remember the Rams game in LA?

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @lray1234 he was the first qb to start getting 2 deep looks every game (in the last few years) that started the trend teams use now. That’s the only way of keeping guys like mahomes, Allen, burrow etc. In check

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @lray1234 I agree I think it was more not being fully prepared and practiced for those looks


beast mode 2.0


Anyone else getting Barry sanders vibes. That’s something you rarely hear

Alex Saucedo

This man has moves. . Damm he’s fast
So fun to watch. . Go hawks

Lashon Terry Latchinson Jr

Beast Mode 💪🏾😈

Luke Parker

Yes sir he the new BEAST MODE


Man oh man is he a strong, hard, and fast runner! Can’t wait to see more of him!

Alex Perdue

Marshawn 2.0

Spooky Sportz ™

Copped him on fantasy love the hawks boi

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