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Seahawks Agree to Terms with Greg Olsen | Highlights

Highlights of tight end Greg Olsen as the 13-year veteran agrees to terms with the Seahawks.

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Patriots Highlights

Hopefully he can stay healthy! When he is healthy that guy is a freak


    I feel he will be in a good condition for the Seahawks


    He only missed 2 games last year.

    Claude Evans

    Patriots Highlights that’s a fact I just hope that’s not gonna be our only pick up we need a CB and DT everything else we can get in the draft


    Great pick up. He had three 1000 yard seasons in a row before the two IR seasons. Last year he missed only 2 games. He’s gonna kill it in the Seahawks offense.

Inkjet Printer

Glad to have him

Hawks For life

Let’s go


#NOTFIRST! but kind of close to the beginning

Matthew Jefferson

A pass rush away from a bowl

    Jigga Hotpeppa

    We need corners too

    Matthew Jefferson

    True but you put this secondary with the 49ers pass rush we gotta super bowl run


    @Matthew Jefferson you’ve got a point but maybe a healthy oline and a better defensive strategy is what we need. like the gaps on the field are awful and the worst thing is we have good players.

    Matthew Jefferson

    @iSea hell yeah Pete has to let russ throw to pig skin too we just sign Olsen. hopefully we can go far this year


Don’t know how I feel about this, but hopefully this will work and not end up like another Jimmy Graham. #LetsGoHawks !!

    Jesus Padilla

    1 year deal!!!

    jacob svetich

    Jimmy grahm had a great 2016 season and scored 10 touchdowns in 2017 although he also had alotvof drops that year

    Tony Angelo

    He has more heart then graham!

    Sammy Sampson

    Jimmy Graham could not block his mom from leaving a grocery store. So as a blocking tight end he was worthless. At least Olsen can block.

    Best Marketing Expert Seattle

    The paid Olson … $7M. You think he’s the “safety valve” to Dissly? I LOVE Dissly, I think he might have been the #1 TE in the league last year, maybe the year before but hes now had 2 season ending injuries in a row and has never completed a half of an NFL season. No, Olson is not the saftey valve or #2. That should be obvious. He is exactly what Graham was, although Graham was really more a wide out with his lack of blocking and physicality.


Get comfortable with our o-line, TEs, and community my dude, and hope you enjoy it!

    Deletisthefitis Lol

    Extreme4LifeBRO bro heard something called a draft

Charles Harrison

Making deals and taking names- go Schneider!

Carebear Master

As long as he stays healthy, he’ll be a beast… Go hawks💚💙💚💙

Beth Eidahl

And to think about how all the amazing catches that he did in that vid we were against him 😂

Dorien Walton

Seattle Seahawks 2020-2021 season Super bowl champs


Was hoping we’d make a run for OJ Howard.

bk bk

Who else hopes we can keep Will Dissly he couldve been one of the best TEs in the league possibly the best


    @Anony Moose it was a patellar tendon year 1 and an Achilles last year. Not two knee injuries. Both kinda unpredictable injuries so we’ll see what happens going forward. People who get those aren’t necessarily injury prone in the same way guys like CJ prosice is, where there is a constant nagging hamstring, ankle or whatever.


    Shawn Heenan Olsen will learn from him

    S.E.A G.O.A.T

    Fools are dying going across the middle messing with Wilson

    S.E.A G.O.A.T

    @Anony Moose I like him but how long does any Seahawks TE last

    Mike Anderson

    @Anony Moose Only 1 knee injury. This past year it was a torn achilles. Still a major injury, but thankfully not a knee injury. Richard Sherman came back from his this past year & got voted to the Pro Bowl; and he’s much older than Uncle Will. I remain optimistic.

Ante Petrish the Official

Welcome to Seattle Greg Olsen

Lupe Martin

Dissly, Hollister, Willson and now Olsen. I think we have quite the variety at TE. We just need to pick Slay up from the Lions and some Dline and we will once again be a force to be reckoned with! Go Hawks!🏉🏆

    Lupe Martin

    Hopefully Dissly is ready to go at the start of the year. If not I hope he can make it a through the entire season without any further setbacks!

    Claude Evans

    Don’t forget we have will dissy he’s coming back


    Hollister and Willson are free agents. Hollister might be back. We’ll see what his asking price is.

    Can’t see the Hawks picking up Slay though unfortunately. They’re not one to trade for CB’s, and they would have to pay Slay $14-16 mill next year

    Lupe Martin

    I know they dont have the best of luck bringing in veteran CB’s. They like to mold their own. One thing is for sure, I am done with the Tre Flowers experiment. That dude can’t play corner. I hope we find his replacement in the draft!

    Claude Evans

    Lupe Martin we gotta see if we can pick up maybe Byron jones and Chris Jones that will be a great add to the team

Cole Hunter

Ohhhh boy! Y’all already know this offense is gonna be locked and loaded in 2020


he is old but hes still a good TE if we keep him healthy then he will be a good 2nd string TE(right behind will dizzly if dizzly stays healthy) he only signed for 7 mil a year which is awesome we still have 62 mil in cap space left which is enough to get 6 or 7 more playmaymakers like this guy. GO HAWKS!!!!!

Trent Dandrea

Whoever thought in Olsen’s career, he would join Seattle. Pretty dope if you ask me🤯🥳 can’t wait to see what he brings to Seattle’s offense

Tim Troth

Uncle Will, Haul it in Hollister and now.. Grandpa Greg 💪🤨 lol seriously tho this should be a great group. Ive always admired Olsens game, he should be a good fit!


as a panther fan im excited for him, this will be a good end to his career that he deserves. Were in rebuilding phase and had to change it anyways. Keep Pounding Greg hell of a career.

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