D.J Humphries “I Was Never Leaving Arizona” | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Oldham

Great show of loyalty DJ thanks for staying and believing in the process much love from a uk Cardinals fan

    Humble Rumble

    David Oldham why is there so many British cardinal fans? I’ve met like a dozen and it’s surprising.

    David Oldham

    @Humble Rumble us brits love an underdog more satisfying when the team gets to the top of the mountain and shoves the haters words down there mouths I’m excited to see what we do in the offseason

    Humble Rumble

    David Oldham there was actually a British cardinal YouTuber but he stopped posting when we hit a losing streak. Good to see some loyalty!

Murr Plays

Wasn’t happy with it at first but after this, let’s go win a Super Bowl!

    Murr Plays

    Update: this dude is awesome, need them to make a documentary

Simancena Plays

All I want is a super bowl ring, can’t wait!!!!!

    Camron Toney

    I would only want to be on a team where every player says they are playing for a ring and nothing else.

J Love

DJ Humphries only let up 2 sacks last year. Forget the penalties he did a great job at protecting kylers blindside. This man deserved the contract and I’m super hyped about keeping this man around.

    Andrew Larson

    J Love he’s missed half his career games due to injury, it’s a very risky contract but let’s hope it works


    I’m pretty sure kyler escaped sacks a couple times he’s good running to the right and throwing

    Robert G

    ramonmonch kyler actually got him self sacked more then the Oline let up

Zeke Yeager

At least he’s not another 1st round pick that didn’t get a second contract

Bosco Gamer

Happy to have him back!!!

King Tomo720

Very happy with this 🙏❤️

Raul Crenshaw


Big Red

If he cleans up the penalties and stays healthy, he could become a pro bowler. Good move AZ👍🏻

Tom Donlan

DJH is a character. No wonder Suggs said he was the funniest guy, he really is.

    Larry Legend GOAT

    His personality is similar to Calais Campbell’s

The AZ sports fan!

Hey guys!! I’m a AZ sports YouTuber ! Born and raised in Phoenix AZ. I would appreciate the support! 🙏🏼

    Connor Banks

    The AZ sports fan! This guy is the best YouTuber. I watch all his videos and they are fantastic. If you love AZ sports, you will love this channel!

Raul Ruiz

D.j. seems like a good guy. I’m happy for him.

Stavo AZ

I love this guy! Never leaving AZ! RESPECT 🙌

    Camron Toney

    Fitzgerald mentality 👍

Esteban Castano

Theres not many players that are loyal like him and im glad we get to keep him for 3 more years haha

Victor Rangel

I never really liked DJ but now hearing him talk his mindset is crazy I got much more respect for him 🙌🙌 you speak life into reality and he understands that


glad he coming back 💯

Isaiah Garcia

We Love You In AZ DJ Humphries Let’s get that ring soon!!!

t gre

He’s a good player.

Humble Rumble

3rd highest paid left tackle now. Really hope we don’t regret this.

57deuceGaming !!

Looks so grown now. I remember when he was drafted just a pudgy big goof ball lol. Proud of you DJ!

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