Saquon Barkley reacts to Giants vs. Eagles 2019 Finale loss; Daniel Jones and Coach Pat Shurmur – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jake Sanservino

We better make some moves this offseason!

    Elliot Tarrant

    @Aidan Riemann yeah I agree on the QB position but it’s hard to make that decision when we’ve got the fans screaming for Eli to be benched. It’s tough when making these decisions as you cant look into the future. The only thing you can really be sure of is that your rookie QB will be protected and can sit in the pocket like brees or Jimmy G etc. We need consistency and consistency comes when the QB has time to make plays.

    Elliot Tarrant

    @Aidan Riemann but granted, now looking back on it, Redskins have done it well I feel, had haskins playing sporadically and not chucked him in the deep end.

    Aidan Riemann

    @Elliot Tarrant good points. Hopefully we get a better coach too

    Timothy Flanagan

    Trade kapernick lover Barkley for a treasure trove of draft picks ,now that’s an idea

    J Beloff

    @Aidan Riemann Quarterbacks develop when they play. All Giant fans were happy he started and played pretty well for a rookie qb with very little protection at times. So to your point this season would have had a lot less impact on jones’ development if he had sat behind eli the whole season.

Jack Dalton

We’re gonna lose saquon to a bad record if we’re not careful

Michele Monae

Definitely would’ve been better if we won. But let’s go giants, fan forever. 💙

    Michele Monae

    @Kadin Morse exactly.

    Edgar Ramirez

    @Michele Monae you have Facebook?


    Edgar Ramirez my man trying to make some moves

    Aidan Riemann

    Michele Monae the lower the season record, the higher the draft picks. So maybe it’s ok that we lost. Next year will be different though

    Anna D


EDP The goat

The giants have a lot of young talent it’s just we need good coaching staff which the giants don’t have.

    Football boys productions

    I agree and with all of our rookies, they’re just getting warmed up.

    Richie Rich

    Coaching is hopefully on the way!

    jay bird

    I have loved the giants for very long but to say they have a lot of talent on defense is unfortunately not true, no pass rush, Golden produced and have run stoppers but no pass rush, then secondary a mess Jenkins was best corner we shipped him was probably going to get cut because of cap hit, Baker improved but not there, we need a free safety bad Bethea drove me nuts all year couldn’t play coverage or run support a mess, need a #1 corner, and truly believe that it all went downhill when moved to 3-4 giants haven’t had 3 good linebackers since LT, Carson, Carl Banks, so the giants decide let’s go for 4 linebackers and drop all the pass rushing d ends that racked up all those sacks for us, now just have run anchors and linebackers that can’t provide sacks but now we are built for 3-4 with the front 3

    EDP The goat

    jay bird I do agree with you that the giants defense is very weak. The giants just need to focus on getting defensive playmakers in this draft mainly corners, but the pass rush has improved with Marcus golden.

    David Riedy

    @Bijah LaFollette YES!

SayGone Barkley

man this hurts we couldn’t even beat the eagles with no weapons


    SayGone Barkley

    Sure can’t

    James Davis

    We’re a better team bro.


    We are a better team with a better QB and coaches.


Shurmur has to go.

    Itachi Uchiha

    Michael he was just fired

    Adrian Rodriguez

    He’s gone! 💯

    Shiloh Dimenstein

    Well he is

Richie Rich

Barkley and DJ are class act guys! Go GMEN!

    Lil Robux

    @Timothy Flanagan ok, you obviously know nothing.

    hhdesai 145

    Timothy Flanagan do you even watch football?

    Timothy Flanagan

    Trade him for Buko draft picks,Dallas won what 4super bowls for trading Herschel walker to Minnesota,running backs don’t last ,just look at this year,he got hurt 2nd game ,he sucked all year,plus coming out of college they are a dime a dozen,do it giants ,plus he can’t keep his mouth shut ,he said he’s going to sell sneakers with commie kapernick.!!!

    Colin Stapleton

    @Timothy Flanagan Saquon will never become a disrespectful spoiled communist.

    Timothy Flanagan

    Colin Stapleton he already said he’s gonna help his buddy commie kapernick to sell Nike sneakers


We ran outside zone on 4th and 2

    Erik Hess

    I know wtf was that


    And that was one of the two times the whole game that shurmur didn’t call a HB dive

Pedro Rogner

fire all, this
talent does not deserve a mediocrie management




    Truth is “if Daniel has issues with fumbling” the coaching staff should have found ways and means to solve it.

    Tiki Barber had fumbling issues, and then Tom Coughlin sure fixed THAT in o one off-season. Just saying. Bettcher didn’t help the ‘D’ either. Talent is ALL over the Roster.

    Timothy Flanagan

    TheRoseline312 we have no rush,trade Barkley to Cincinnati,and get Chase Young,and more low picks and stack that defense,running backs are a dangerous position,and there’s a lot of them that come out of college that turn your head,Barkley has been hurt for 2 years now get rid of him to improve the d,I know that sucks,but the giants always had a defense,every team runs up and down the field with this bunch,it’s horrifying to watch

Rick Nash

Death, taxes, and losses to eagles and cowboys smfh

    Julian foolian

    Only things guaranteed in life … smh

    Joe Vallone

    Its getting real old

PDX Bopped

Lets go get em next year boys❤️💙

Frank Stange

Couldve broken the touchdown record if started since week 1?

    Lil Robux

    Probably. But also those 2 weeks he was out.

Frank Stange

He needs to work the most on fumbles

Crimson Shadow745

I love when they asked Jones how he thinks he did this year he answered with “as a team”. you want that kind of attitude from your qb

Crimson Shadow745

14:06 that is NOT a confident answer lmao XD

    Trevell Archie

    Yeah left the team 1 place better with 1 more win


Good effort Pat! Thank for your hard work, you meant well, but this team needs MOTIVATION AND GUIDANCE

Professor Fitness

Season was rough but our future is bright. We’re bringing a Super Bowl back to NY this decade

    Anna D



I got a lot of respect for this you man, he will be great going fwd.

Jack Chevy

Barkley might wanna start thinking about making a move.. He’s a really special player.

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