San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Has there ever been so much on the line for multiple teams in a week 17 game?

    Brenden McGuinness

    Red45Dead This will be the most exciting week for a lot of teams


    I don’t remember having a week 17 where so much can be determined based on who wins and who loses. Its usually at this point we have a clear view on who’s placed where and what not. This is by far one of the best years of football. Extremely competitive this year.

    Brenden McGuinness

    LaDabe Yeah. Very competitive and chilling


im 100% going to watch this game

Jay Stiles

Like even now my team won’t get the #1 seed but Seahawks wins 37-30


    Jay Stiles false

Maria Ochoa

I wanna see Sherman try and tackle Marshawn

    jason Smith

    None of them can tackle lynch

    peter serrano

    Age will tackle lynch

    The49ers 2000

    Maria Ochoa You trying time be funny with that Statement !!!!!!!

    Paul Third

    Word is Lynch has cut weight he might not even have the power he had last year.

Lexington Leffall

This is gonna be a heart attack for the whole league

Gabriel Williams

Niners gonna crush them 31-17

    A Fucking Bird

    Hawks win 44-21


    Gabriel Williams easy win for niners

    Brian Omega

    U mean niners 44 and your hawks 21

Patriots 4life

Either a 0-0 tie or 45-41 Seahawks or Niners win

John Cain

State Farm ad campaign is soooo lame

LukePlayz YT

49ers 31
Seahawks 24

Ragee Boy

49ers K

Gilroy Cali


Chef_Alex 17

I think the Seahawks are gonna come out with all three energy with the fans, I say Seattle here!


I’m a 49ers fan but I still think this is a 50/50 game just like last time. Our O is mostly healthy this time🤞🤞🤞



Julian Ruvalcaba

What a game!

The Division championship on the line !

The #1 seed on the line !

The Return of Beast Mode !

Richard Sherman returns to Century link field in a 49er uniform!

The biggest NFL rivalry of the decade !

The last game of the decade !

And it’s on Primetime !

If this doesn’t get you hyped , you dont like football !!!

    panthers All the way

    Not the biggest rivalry of the decade

Miausita Chiqui

Lets go 49ers!!


No left tackle? Bosa will be feasting that backfield.

Christoph Kiesewetter

Don’t underestimate the Seahawks. I totally hate them and they have a couple of injuries, but it’s still a Division game for the NFC West Title and better Seed in playoffs so I expect both of them play til death. Could still go either way… The Hawks have beaten the Niners too often the last couple of years to take them “easy”. But #GoNiners

    STR Garza

    Christoph Kiesewetter no ones underestimating them they’re just giving their personal opinions 😂

Brian Omega


Moses Villanueva

Who wins?

SF 49ers or Seattle PEDhawks?

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