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The Bengals are gonna go try hard since they sealed the first pick. And it’s the Browns. They will find a way to lose. Fire Freddy Kitchens!

Browns 24
Bengals 27

Ik this is a Cynthia type of score but ik it’s gonna get close.



    Rusty Shackelford

    Hugh Jackson got two and a half seasons and went 3-36-1.
    Freddie Kitchens only gets one season? Having gone 7-9 or 6-10 (depending on the Bungles game’s outcome)
    No wonder the Clowns can never crawl out of the basement.
    They run through coaches and QBs like toilet paper.
    Hey that’s a fitting analogy for the Clowns in so many ways.

    Remember, “There’s always next year”!

Unknown Memes

100th veiw


I love everyone bashed me and others for calling the browns overrated and here we are😅

Jaime Garcia

As a Browns fan this was a disappointing season

    EG Productions

    @Rusty Shackelford i agree the fans and even myself overhyped, but so did a lot of the nfl fans in general, so they all can’t exactly laugh too much at the browns when they themselves jumped on the hype train

    Rusty Shackelford

    @EG Productions … Not ALL NFL fans jumped onboard the hype train. I knew it was just wishful thinking for the Clowns.
    I stuck with my AFC North team, my hometown team, my 2 time Superbowl winning team, the team the Clowns were supposed to take the AFC North away from on their way to the “Superbowl”.
    The team noone but the true fans (not all the bandwagon fans) believed in…

    The Baltimore Ravens!
    Led by MVP Lamar Jackson!

    Jaime Garcia

    I just wanted to at least improve on the 7-8-1 from last season but we didn’t

    Jerry Junior

    Jaime Garcia You’re not alone, Same for my team

Cameron Briglin

Browns win 24-7



Evance Polo


Cole Cooper

Browns would easily win if myles garrett were allowed to play and he had a helmet for each hand.

Jay Stiles

Bengals wins 23-20

Unknown Memes

Coleen’s prediction is the most inaccurate i’ve ever seen

Bengals 37
Browns 31

Andy Dalton 34-42 365 yards for 4 TD and 1 INT
Baker Mayfeild 26-37 298 yards for 1 TD and 0 INT

Joe Mixon 11 carries for 47 yards and 0 TD
Nick Chubb 35 carries for 200 yards and 3 TD

Tyler Boyd 13 rec for 156 yards and 1 TD
John Ross 7 rec 133 yards and 2 TD
Joe Mixon 3 rec 34 yards and 1 TD
Jarvis Landry 8 rec 77 yards and 0 TD
David Njuko 6 rec 47 yards and 0 TD
Odell Beckham 8 rec 73 yards 1 TD

Browns 5 sacks
Bengals 3 sacks(all by Geno Atkins)

EG Productions

Browns need an actual coach that can handle this star studded team, they have one if not best running back in the nfl, an amazing pack of receivers, and a quarterback that won a heisman and almost won rookie of the year last year. Tbh i dont care which coach just have one that can handle a low chemistry but good on paper team

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Browns 21 – bengals 16


The Stuporbowl! 2019 Edition. This might be a good game and I mean that as objectively as possible.


Bengals will win cause they’re performance last week is incredible


Mixon has a stomach bug so that why he didn’t do much against Miami

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