Saints vs Colts Week 15 Hype Video | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints vs Colts Week 15 Hype Video | New Orleans Saints Football

GET HYPE for week 15 with the Saints hype video as the New Orleans Saints get set to take on the Indianapolis in week 15 of the 2019 NFL season at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
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Luke Hebert

This season is destined for us WHO DAT

    SaintsGoated 32

    We’ll loose in the divisional round no 🧢

    Luke Hebert

    SaintsGoated 32 and your a Saints fan

    SaintsGoated 32

    Luke Hebert yeah I’m being honest we can never get past the playoffs and this year the nfc is stacked

    SaintsGoated 32

    Luke Hebert if they can get a big statement win over the colts maybe they could change my mind

    Who dat Nation

    SaintsGoated 32 stfu your a discrace to who dat nation

Jay Stiles

All Ik is that the saints better win and win big tonight with no excuses


    Jay Stiles why?

    Eric The Intern

    With no excuses 😂

    Sean Fallo

    None, you know Brees been ready since the end of last game

Gundam1313 Yjshuao

Let’s go
Saints LEADS the way

    Jerry Pore Jr.

    That’s right!

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

Let’s geaux Saints time to bounce back and get DAT win tonight against the Colts. This is our time let’s geaux!⚜🏈💯💯👍🏾👍🏾 Geaux Saints⚜🏈 #Saints #NewOrleansSaints #NFL

    Jerry Pore Jr.

    Let’s do it! Go Saints!

Kras 4

Saints coaching staff need to play that clip every week in the locker room right before game time. If you can’t get your head right to get back to the super bowl, I’m not sure what else to tell you. 2009 team was SPECIAL. This 2019 can be even better. Get focused and let’s do this. WHO DAT !!!

    Jerry Pore Jr.


    Jon Boo

    Kras 4 as a colts fan I honestly hope you guys get that super bowl this year, I’m rooting for the saints and I’m a huge drew brees fan. With that said I hope we beat you guys by 20+ points tonight. Never know LETS GO COLTS #weaintmakin’theplayoffssoletsdominatethelastthreegameswishfulthinkingfromadiehardcoltsfan

    Kras 4

    @Jon Boo much love Jon. I have mutual respect for your team. I got a chance to watch Darius Leonard (SC St vs Southern) and I had a feeling he would be special. Good luck to your team as well ….just not TONIGHT 😁. Who Dat!

Robert Epps


    Jerry Pore Jr.

    Amen! Who Dat! Saints got this! God will protect us tonight!


    @Jerry Pore Jr. thats right!!🙏🏾
    Lets go get that W ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Sean Fallo

Somebody get a pick 6, got to🍻⚜

    Armando Martinez

    Sean Fallo bro it’s gonna happen watch I’m calling it at the end in the 4th quarter will come back to this comment when it happens🤣🤣⚜️⚜️💯

    KAMI IcE

    Marshon lattimore is gonna get it

    Sean Fallo

    @Armando Martinez let’s #Geaux !!!

    Sean Fallo

    @KAMI IcE Lattimores the best but I’d say Von Bell just cause the position he’s in

    Sean Fallo

    @KAMI IcE Lattimores the best but I’d say Von Bell just cause the position he’s in

Luke Hebert

Yo can my favorite team reply to this comment

Jerry Pore Jr.


Chosen Saint

Let each moment be special boys and make every play count tonight. We never surrender when the chips are down. Instead we rise above it to claim what is ours, VICTORY. Big win to go get tonight and WHO DAT nation is foaming at the mouth to get in that dome and lose their minds. WHO DAT!!!

Rich Harrow

RIP Will Smith #91

King Oliver

I may be at work when the saints game starts but ima watch it off my phone and wear my Camron Jordan jersey
Whodatnation ⚜️

Doug Zeringue

Tonight is Our Night…….Killer Karma to Our Saints!!

SaintsGoated 32

35-17 Saints

Edwin Bercier

This our Season who Dat baby! The 49ers lost to the Falcons we gotta won this to tie with them!

Michelle Ezeugo

Let’s win this New Orleans. 🖤💛🖤💛

Who dat Nation

wouldn’t it be something if we beat them 31-17 who day⚜️

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