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Terry McBride

Defense is looking good!
Wylie injury shouldn’t kill Us but hate to lose Okafor,Maybe T -Sizzle can come to Town.

All about the Brandkamp’s

AFC West sweep 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


    One more to go. Chargers

    Milton Cisneros

    Beat L.A now……Go Chiiiiiefs


    No Chargers one game at a time.


We were close to many touchdowns today…gotta punch those ones in…

    Gene Poland

    Number 2 defense in red zone reason why Denver Number 2 in defense in Redzone


What was put out about the Chiefs players ..that Andy called “Bush League”? I couldn’t understand him

    Phil E

    Seems like someone put out some info on Chiefs players that Andy considered a Bush league move.

    Phillip Smith

    That they were late due to the weather I think


Honeybadger got robbed of an interception!!

    Derek Mathews

    SilverPwns, he did! I saw that.

    Stevone Capone

    Facts it was a few terrible calls out there today

    Patrick Mahomes's arm

    He did but I’m glad Juan got that pick right after the play

William Woods

Way to go CHIEFS!! Tough loss today for our homegrown QB…. But a great win for our CHIEFS! hang in there Lock. It’ll be a great AFC West with you in it

    Bring that same energy

    Fuk no lame

samson gersing

Kleece a beast!!!!!

Chiefs Coconut

This is the 4th or 5th games in a row with an interception or more? Correct me if am wrong…!! But the “D” is no joke… go chiefs

    Derek Mathews

    Chiefs Coconut, it’s a big difference when we have a defense that is helping out the Chiefs offense now. Chiefs offense looked like its old self.

    Mr Filo

    @Derek Mathews #15 Looked like the 2018 #15 for the first time since the Denver game. I know he said he has been working on the basics and maybe it’s paying off.

Onkel Pencho

I see a team of gold
and red yerseys too
I see them bloom
for me and for you
and I think to myself
What wonderful Chiefs

I hear the loudest crowd
yelling Chiefs lets fight
the bright blessed day
the dark sacred night
and I think to myself
What wonderful Chiefs

The colors of the rainbow
so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces
of people going by

I see fans shaking hands
saying, “How do you do?”
they’re really saying
“I love you”

I hear challangers cry
I watch the show
they’ll never learn
than we’ll ever know
and I think to myself
What wonderful Chiefs

Yes, I think to myself
What wonderful Chiefs
Ooh yeah😉🍻

Regards from a bavarian Chiefs Fan

Salazar Payne

I’ve been having so much fun trolling Donkey channels!

    Bring that same energy

    Me too


Give Ware and Thompson more runs/ O line needs to get better. Special team Chicanery. D looking good O turned it up some. Reid needs to get more numbers talleing up in the second half. Just don’t let us down Reid ….don’t.


    Damien Williams gets back will be fine… Hopefully Wylie is okay..

James Zhou

The beauty of a pure passer is simply mesmerizing

Stevone Capone

I love what I’m seeing on defense we still have to run the ball little more I believe we can make it to the Superbowl and win

Stevone Capone

What you guys think about us picking up Janoris Jenkins he has four interceptions and on a one-year deal I believe it’ll be a good pickup or suggs for more pass rush

    Jor'Don Williams

    Stevone Capone I’m down with Janoris but I don’t wanna break up the continuity and chemistry that the Defense building and If we was gone go out and get Suggs we might as well should’ve kept Justin Houston

Smokey One

Lets go Chiefs! Great game today.

Malcom X

Nothing like playing 🏈 in the ⛄️ ❄️

Donkey Gaming

Who else likes drew lock but didn’t like him when he vs us

    Breakglass Dawkins

    You all kind of mixed up. Chiefs profile pick and your name is donkey gaming

Devin Jones

I’m loving the Chemistry our guys having both offensive & defence go chhhhhiiiiieeeefffsss!!!!!

Cha0s NZ

These videos are ruined by the skipping very irritating

Tony DeNegri

Love that you guys are putting this on YT and I can watch it whenever I want. The quality of the video itself (not the content) but the actual video quality is horrible and almost makes it unwatchable. The skipping and stuttering need to be addressed.

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