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Ryan Tannehill: This Team Will Do Whatever It Takes to Win

Titans QB Ryan Tannehill addresses reporters following Tennessee’s 28-12 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Saturday’s AFC Divisional Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium. The Titans advance to play the winner of the Houston-Kansas City game in the AFC Championship game next Sunday.

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Dylan Johnson

HELLUVA GAME BROTHA!! Onto the next one. This is the most excited I’ve been in a decade for my team! Im proud to be a Titan’s fan. Why not us??

    John Russell

    Titan up gonna go to the AFC championship game and roll up who ever is in the way.

    Sikeer Xyoojj


    John Hunter

    That 2008 team your referring to lost to rookie Joe Flacco and the RAVENS. All after a blown delay of game call allowed Flacco to complete a long reception setting up the game winning the drive. Revenge feels good. It’s been a long time since 08

    antonio mathis

    Right im so damn proud to be a titans fan

Mitch Conner

Tannethrill!!!!!! Glad the Dolphins are paying for him

    Chris Inge

    Mitch Conner so true funny AF 😂😂😂


    Lol, Dolphins footing the bill without getting the actual product. 🤣🤣🤣


“This Team Will Do Whatever It Takes to Win”
Then keep doing it. The moment you don’t give all you’ve got, you allow your opponent to take advantage of you.

    Jerry Grannan


Dominic Levae

I love this man and this team, Super Bowl anyone…. I’m so fucking 😃 happy.

All the way from Australia. TitanUp

    Dominic Levae

    We are going all the way mate.

    Glen Stanislawski

    I’m a Steeler fan and I’ve been watching him be a dog for a long time now it’s great to see this guy finally come out with some good players around him congratulations Ryan Tannehill

    Demario Stewart


    TexasBass Fishing

    Naaa you guys will lose the afc championship against chiefs haha oooh they will dominate yall


    @TexasBass Fishing stop being a hater.


Never been so proud


Ryan n henry big truss


    @Rebecca Gilliard fuccvv ys

    Kareem Rose TitanUp



    @Rebecca Gilliard yaaaa

    Mello A

    TitansNM Ryan is not even on the same level as D Henry. Not even close

Aiden Horn



    Rebecca Gilliard


    Daniel Keyser

    KC going to mess you guys up next week. GO PACK GO!

    Aiden Horn

    Daniel Keyser LMAO
    we beat them this year too

    Before we went on a hot streak


    Daniel Keyser

    Titans will lose if they play KC or the Texans

    Aiden Horn

    Daniel Keyser Keep the underdog mentality we win off of it


Tannehill makes some great throws when we need it and I know he will keep It going!!  #BIGTRUSS nah #TITANUP sounds better

Rebecca Gilliard

TITANUP!!! 💕 norcal bay area ride or die since Tennessee Oilers😁

david sanders

Titans have the best YouTube channel out of all NFL teams. Postgame interviews ALWAYS uploaded after the game 👌🏽👌🏽

    RusseII Westbrick

    david sanders because they are barely even noticed

Lula Bell

Good job tonight take us to the Superbowl so proud of the Titan’s

Xavier Garcia

Imagine Tannehill winning the SB in Miami 😂

    Ryan Minnis

    Or watson honestly

    Ryan Minnis

    Lamar was off on every throw and had open WRs all night he lost this game by himself and tenn just barely did enough

    Chris Jimenez '19

    And Mike Vrable peepee will be gone

    Brandon Vickers

    Ryan Minnis we beat mahomes and we have beat Watson before and we got the best back in the league


    @Xhoven I’m a Phins fan and would love it. He deserves to win. Miami has been a crap show. He deserves better.


Ryan Tannehill had gone from overrated to underrated to discarded and unappreciated; he’s been humbled, but he’s made himself better, and now he’s coming into his own. He waited for his time in college, and did the same with the Titans. Good for him. He deserves his success.


Bring the Lombardi trophy to Tennessee!!

Ron S

Give this dude credit!!! 3 TDs

Gus Lambrinakos

Congrats Titans. Thank you for crushing the Ravens and hope you you reach glory in Miami.

    daniel mcknight

    Gus Lambrinakos to bad it’s the last win for them

Hardwork1994 !

Rooting for the titans ever since my bills choked
So glad they ran over the trash talking arrogant ravens

Mason White

Nashville is proud Ryan

    Marilou Kuo

    All Tennessee proud of Titans

ET24 Sythonx 2

I’m a cowboys fan but the titans are my 2nd fav Ryan tannehill was awesome at Texas A&M TITIANUP

Jeffrey Kircher

Tannehill i sai fb it when he was with my team, hes a damn good qb. They said he can’t throw deep ball ive watched him all year do it like i said he would. Straight up i said it when miami let him go, he wasnt the problem. Now look, he has a team around him and look how far hes going. Smfh.

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