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Derrick Henry: Stats Are Good, But Most Important Thing is We’re Advancing

Titans RB Derrick Henry addresses reporters following Tennessee’s 28-12 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Saturday’s AFC Divisional Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium. The Titans advance to play the winner of the Houston-Kansas City game in the AFC Championship game next Sunday.

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King Melanin

I told everyone that we were going to beat the Ravens #TitanUp

    Cristian Elvis

    @King Melanin me too man Titans all day everyday 💪#TitanUp


    Congrats to you guys from a Pats fan, go win the whole thing.

Julio Chavez

Go titans, Thank’s God.

helicopter weewee



dude we beat the patriots, possibly ending the dynasty, we beat the ravens…
what more could we ask for?

    Sports Fan until the end

    One word


    Julian_ FTW

    The way I see it, it doesn’t matter who wins today. The titans are riding a wave of MOMENTUM and it doesn’t look like anyone’s stopping it anytime soon. King Henry 👑


    Julian FTW wOoH WOoH.

    Gary Howard

    @TheBroccoli as titans first superbowl was the rams.

    Jismacked Media

    Multiple superbowls


Boss music plays when The King enters the room.

Nashville Lanas

Henry : “ I have something to confess
I’m Cyborg 22
Resilient and unstoppable in one ☝️

Nashville Lanas

Ravens fans are sadly shocked while
Titans fans just plain shocked 😳


    Im just so happy for them. Been wanting them to win a superbowl since i saw the music city miracle happen on tv

    Michael Moreno

    Only people who don’t watch Tennessee games are shocked, we’ve been doing this consistently since the middle of the season.

    Nashville Lanas

    We are just feeling shock after shock with all these big WINS
    A different kind of shock
    Underscribable feeling
    Why not us is sinking in


    Not shocked I knew they could do it


Derrick Henry is like a Bo Jackson type of specimen. One of these freaks that comes around once a decade that is the size of a linebacker with the athleticism of a running back.


    @Ace Degenerate what?! Bullshit! He ran a 4.1. That speed at that size would have been a nightmare. He would’ve had to play one sport though. You have to focus on one given the talent pool.

    iCanHearThem PERKYS CALLIN

    Ace Degenerate “Bo would be good in this NFL” *el oh el* Bo would make headlines every night just like he did before

    Duwayne Josephsson

    All he meant was that like Bo he is a combination of speed, size, power and dexterity for a running back at his time

    OG Skywalker

    Nobody considers bo the best the fact your comparing him to eric is ridiculous eric ran for records.

Above & Beyond Vapor

Very humble man. Reminds me of Walter Payton. Derrick Henry is a good guy.

    Sports Fan until the end

    Left the game wearing a crown..yeah real humble

    Don P

    The private Walter Payton was a long way from the public Walter Payton.

    Fresh Productions

    Don P yeah idk what that dude is talking abt



Mariota didnt get that memo, poor guy was just wide open waving his arms about😅😅😅

    SoaR_6ix9ine A SNITCH

    Lol it was Cory Davis birthday so that’s why he threw it to him

    Don P

    QBs usually do that when they’re split out wide as part of the play, they’re trying to decoy the defense.


Bro he’s so humble he doesn’t care about the credit he just wants to work hard and play hard and win🔥


Derrick Henry is the definition of BOSS MUSIC when you walk down a dark alley. We got served humble pie. Too bad there’s too many salty ones around. Titans were just hungrier.

Zachary John Gilbert

It must be so hard to be humble after a win like this

    Steve B

    K B what did earl thomas say?

    North Hopper

    Steve B That the Patriots weren’t interested in Tackling Henry but the Ravens are a different team and would shut him down.


    Hes been dominating games since high school so he’s had to learn to be humble

    Anonymous Wombat

    He’s old school. Allows his performance on the field to do the talking. You don’t have to talk if you put numbers against the defenses that he has


As a rams fan, i hope the titans get their first super bowl, a good organization with classy fans. Henry embodies that. They deserve it


    awsomevids3131 as with all teams, once they get good, the fan base gets worse lol sad truth

    Edwin Martinez

    jestes7 Not us buffalo bills fans we stay loyal when we get good invest in tables lol

    Ace Degenerate

    You couldn’t have hoped that 20 years ago??

    Hay Young

    Thanks man we deserve it. I love that ravens team


    As a rams fan i been going for titains all year as a afc team…….

    They are good

Gary Crook

you knew Derrick Henry was gonna show up, let the big dog eat….
great game, strong game plan and Titans players went beast mode, damn….

    Sebastian Matarelli

    run the football, no turnovers, bend but don’t break on defense, and solid special teams.


Not gonna lie, I thought the Niners and the Ravens had the best shot at going all the way at the end of the regular season. I thought the Ravens would go right through the Titans, boy was I wrong. Hope the Titans go far, I’ll be cheering them on.

    Og DellBeatz

    Chiefs nation

    L G R W

    Og DellBeatz is going down

    Yee Glock

    It’s usually like that when you the 1st seed but post season a different story

    Jorel Byssainthe

    Those the two teams I had. I did not see the titans coming.


    Og DellBeatz I’m rooting for the chiefs as well (cause of Mathieu) but idk if they can stop the run. They lost to the Titans during the regular season too.


“I damn got hawked”. No worries man we know the hammy ain’t 💯. Watching the long run again, you see him tighten up the last 20 yards and shorten his stride. No way Peters gets him otherwise.

Jonathan Powell

Ravens fan here. Was at the game tonight and just wow. Totally stunned us. Henry and the Titans are something else !!!

Ryan Bernstein

I’d be scared af if he was coming at me fullspeed

Stef Mid

Derrick Henry: “Hey Lamar…hold my beer 🍺”

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