Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Packers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Packers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following the Seahawks 23-28 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field during the Divisional round of playoffs.

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Travis Lassa

Tough loss, good season. Go Hawks


    We all know that we should have won that ball was short we could 100:have stopped them and scored again

    Stone Hammermen

    @VirusGaming crying bandwagon


    @VirusGaming it was 1:48 with no timeouts. Also greenbay was in field goal range. You act like Crosby cant kick.

Chunky Tech doctor

Seahawks did good for not having a run game lynch may not of done much but I want him back next year


    @Sean Bowers More impressive than Penny honestly.

    Lane Splitter

    if you feel it’s worth the roster spot. you guys think they will keep clowney and pay him? cuz he is looking for that payday.

    Blood Cousin

    Pete Carrol will be fired next year , Seahawks are going under and have been the last 6 years

    ROCKET MAN Space Odyssey

    your entire squad together one hundred percent that would be awesome

    Josh Keys

    operationNOBO what penny is 2x the player homer is


After this loss I’m not mad or upset. I’m restless.

    Coach Clap

    @Desert Mav Always the banged up excuse. Every year we are banged up and no one else is lol. Pete is clueless and Wilson follows him blindly.

    David Zakaryan

    But it was very unfair lose

    Keegan Reilly

    I’m disappointed


    Bro we all know that ball was short we could have won that

    Buck Futtler

    @VirusGaming it would have been 4th and inches. .. Our pathetic d line would not have got a stop. ..

Sophanna Sokhon

I love me some Russ. Class act, great leader and awsome QB coming from a Packers fan who watched him play for the Badgers.

    Sean Bowers

    Whole pack of badgers

    Kendall Long

    Smh wow really?? Im from Milwaukee Wisconsin and i nvr knew he played for the Wisconsin badgers..😂

    Sophanna Sokhon

    @Kendall Long he only played for a year but he was great.

Derron Everest

Show me a time he’s ever been upset for more than a minute.

    Carson Allen

    @Best Marketing Expert Seattle Wilson is a chump and will never win a ring again

    Carson Allen

    @Calvin Newborn hope it burns bad. Yeah , see the only reason Wilson ever won
    was because of his defense there’s no difference between him and Trent Dilfer

    Carson Allen

    @B Rus Which is a sissyfied feminine way of Leadership.

    Best Marketing Expert Seattle

    Carson Allen you show what an idiot you are. Put the crack pipe down for one moment and Google Russell Wilson stats because…dude, you just look stupid. RW will be a first time selection to the HOF.

    B Rus

    @Carson Allen dude just accept the loss and stop crying. Without Rus, we would have been god awful this year. Also, the reason he leads the nfl in 4th quarter comebacks since he entered the league and is already top 25 all time is because of his cool collected mindset. I’d rather lose with Russ than win with that big baby Rodgers. Dude is always mad at his teammates or angry about calls. Least Russ has class. Go find another team to support if you don’t like him bud


I honestly feel so blessed to have Russell Wilson as our Quarterback. Never taking this guy for granted.

    Carson Allen

    @bbigjohnson069 yea I watched the game I forgot I was thinking about Lamar last night it was first in goal which makes it even worse the stupidest call in the history of the NFL ever used to go for it on 1st and goal with Marshawn Lynch loser you lost tonight. Pathetic Lynch comes out of retirement just to lose two games in a row he can’t even get through interview without throwing five F-bombs


    HawkingRegime I think it’s great that Willson can run and scramble well but I think they should upgrade the offensive line and get some more receivers because mobile qbs don’t last forever

    Love Steelers


    Love Steelers

    @HawkingRegime Seaducks suck. He’ll never win

    Coach Clap

    Blessed is a strong word. The guy wears tights for a living. Wake up.

owen freed

This is the guy is a class act. He is such an amazing person. Go hawks

    R32 Villian

    Typical Seattle fan look at you Go pack go


just a ton of respect for this guy and how he goes about his business

    Dxd Dxd

    drtalos yep I’m with chiefs then packers and yet this man wow lots of respect


Russ is incredible at handling such a hard loss.
Russel Wilson 4ever

    E. S.

    He’s used to it by now.

    Scarface 007

    They throw away the game they wanted to go against Ravens for Super Bowl

Tony Frazier

Defense needs some serious work this off-season.

    Hammy Ma

    I like Shaquille griffin but tre can be better

    Brandon Dorcas

    @Tony Frazier Oops I responded wrong about that injury history hehe.. wrong comment.

    Rico Alexander

    @BigBaller no way, griffen is here to stay.

    ROCKET MAN Space Odyssey

    First you got to put out the dumpster fire 🔥🔥🚒🚒

    Mr D

    And a new head coach.

Azariah Seer

That’s my QB1 right there, Russ, I wouldn’t want anyone else to lead our team, God Fearing man first and foremost…



    Gawd is a man-made myth.

    R32 Villian

    Lol Packerd baby y’all thought you where going to win every pick I saw said hawks .hahahah

    that guy Paul

    @R32 Villian bro 49ers gonna destroy y’all.

    R32 Villian

    @that guy Paul just like the seahawks where going to destroy us right? Just sit and watch the game from your couch and shut up.


    R32 Villian despite actually NOT getting the first down, you won. Sanfrancisco is going to absolutely FEAST on that O line. We penetrated with Quinton Jefferson and Poona Ford. Imagine Bosa and Armstead, GOODLUCK 🤣😂🤣


This man is textbook… I’m glad he’s our Quarterback, put a line together for this man pleasseee

    Korie Creson

    @Christian Lee he’s not taking a pay cut, he’s earned every penny, same with Bobby. The cap is going higher in 2020. We need to draft better.

    Korie Creson

    @C D he had major running lanes for 3 quarters. He needed to run 100 yards to win the game. Even the commentary guys before the game were saying that. But Malik turner dropping the 1st catch was inexcusable. He was wide open.

    L B

    Lol…its never over….till THE PACK SAYS ITS OVER…..LMFAO….GO PACK GO

    L B

    @rootbeer543 doesnt hurt to dream….keep dreamin

    L B

    @rootbeer543″next year will be huge for us” yes it certainly will….. another HUGE dissappointment…..lmao…..LMAO


I still remember when this season first started everyone was doubting that we would even make it to the playoffs let alone go over 500 but look at us now, we damn near made it back to the NFC championship. Go Hawks and long live the 12s!


    @Tim T Yes, throw money at the lazy… that’ll fix everything.

    Razor - Jersey!

    @Buck Futtler Naw 10 Was Max They Said… people slept on 49ers too…. La Was Alot Of pundits pick to win nfc west

    ROCKET MAN Space Odyssey

    Close doesn’t count in this league
    LMFAO 😂 🤣😂😂

    Brian Gladue

    @ROCKET MAN Space Odyssey unless you’re the packers then close gives you a first down 🤷‍♂️😂

    Buck Futtler

    @Razor – Jersey! USA today had them at 12-4….

Spicy Curry

this man is a generational talent. god i hope he gets mvp

    Michael Toland

    Spicy Curry Mahomes is way better .

    283 128

    THE BERGS SHOW your so dumb


    Lamar Jackson bud

    Michael Toland

    TheSixthMannn he looked like Samuel Jackson Saturday night .

    Josh Keys

    THE BERGS SHOW are you even a Seahawks fan

Christian Mitchell

I love the fact he is really humble for every game and I really respect him. Go hawks

Xd_ TuEresBasura

A season of heart attacks end in a heart attack 🙏


I feel like we only played half a game, if we played the first like the second would have been a win.

Prod CPR

he’s literally a whole team to himself. hard to think they won’t come back harder next year.


    Prod CPR I guess we know how packers fans felt when Rodgers had to carry them

    Mr D

    That’s cuz no one likes him cuz he goes and snitches on his teammates to the coaches.


I’m mad about this lose like I feel depress

    Coach Clap

    Punch a brick wall with your fist and then kick a rock with your big toe.


    Yeah bro we should have one but the refs called it a 1st but it’s supposed short if you look at the replay he was short his helmet crossed the line but the the ball didnt


    SAOJ dont be they gave it there all towards the end of course it didnt end the way we wanted it to but they had an awesome season despite injuries,setbacks,and horrible play calling towards the end of the season but theres always next year.

    Mr D

    Pete carol keeps blowing it. He needs to go.

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