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Russell Wilson “Phenomenal” vs Packers | Locker Room Sound

A leader and a playmaker. Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about quarterback Russell Wilson's relentless performance after Seattle's loss to the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional round at Lambeau Field.

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David De Haas

Proud of the Seahawks. Dissapointing they lost but not by a big amount. Glad the Seahawks made it this far. Next season Seahawks

    DD Vlogs

    David De Haas that’s the spirit!

    Stone Hammermen


Gabe Rivas

I’m proud, but we got robbed same thing happened to the cowboys with dez Bryant and the lions

    Stone Hammermen

    We? LMAO you don’t play

    DD Vlogs

    Stone Hammermen yea we do, we’re the 12th man baby 🔥🔥🔥

Vicente jr Baldovinos

We got robb but atleast we aint like their teams getting help by refs. Next season we got this. Go hawks for life 💚💙

    Stone Hammermen

    @Gabe Rivas we? LMAO

    Gabe Rivas

    Stone Hammermen jajaj ok they got robbed

    Stone Hammermen

    @Gabe Rivas 12 is obviously your football IQ. They didn’t even belong in the playoffs.

    Gabe Rivas

    Stone Hammermen bro shut up we got robbed same as the cowboys with dez Bryant and the lions

    Gabe Rivas

    Stone Hammermen but relax you have 1 week left remember 37 to 8 😂😂💩💩😂


QB Wilson is an awesome player and person. Should be MVP in my opinion. Sea Hawks were as good as they could be given the injuries throughout the season and inexperienced players with which they started off the season. A great season of player development. Coaching staff did a fine job.

By the way, it seems to me that the playoffs this year so far are more interesting than usual. Great to see the NE cheaters eliminated early.

Can’t wait for next year.

chd 20465

The day nfl hires good refs is the day Jesus comes back 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Carson Allen

    Yeah yeah blame it on the ref Cry Me a River

    Puppygod Yt

    emmit brown why blame Pete when he’s not a defense or offense cordnator idiot

    Hunter S.

    @Carson Allen I said BOTH sides stupid

    emmit brown

    @Puppygod Yt Because we’ve changed both in the past few years. And we do the same things over and over….. Idiot!

Exdie Brazil

To the whole Seahawk crew love u guys. Will be right back with u guys next year.

Blood Cousin

Pete Carrol looks like my friends Grandma

    Joesay Canseco

    He looks like a 70 year old lesbian

arturo brewster



I love you KJ you are the best and I hope you are healthy moving forward god bless…ps I love you and it hurts

Liquid Swords

#FreeRuss New OC, Pass protection and offensive weapons.

    Rico Alexander

    no new OC. No need to start from scratch. Just get healthy and some solid olineman.

    Miguel Torres

    Some oline and some new corners or safetys we lost because of the secondary

Flacking Asassian

If Malik turner never dropped the ball I think the outcome would’ve been different

    Puppygod Yt

    Flacking Asassian outcome is we would win but next season we got it



Hmoob Lis

MVP Russel Wilson

emmit brown

Imagine if you let him play the whole game old man!

Tim T

Hey Pete, why was Reggie Bush forced to return his Heisman?

Charlie P

Phenomenal since he came to Seattle, not just for this one game. It’s going to be a great year every year with Russ as part of the team.

Jack Ly

Journey is just beginning

Keenan Walsh

Russell Wilson vs. The Packers

Keenan Walsh

Worst Seahawks secondary I’ve ever seen. They aren’t doing russ any favors

    Puppygod Yt

    Keenan Walsh it’s tre flowers bro he’s keep getting burnt diggs is digit his jobs and need to help flowers because flowers can do shut

    Keenan Walsh

    @Puppygod Yt I’ll take Mcdougald and Diggs back next year but get trey flowers and Shaquille Griffin off the field. I mean damn his one handed brother could play corner better than him.

Optimus Prime Jr.

Momentum changed after that Malik Turner drop on 2nd down

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