Russell Wilson & KJ Wright Mic’d Up Wild Card at Eagles | Seahawks Saturday Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson & KJ Wright Mic’d Up Wild Card at Eagles | Seahawks Saturday Night

During the Seahawks Wild Card victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, linebacker KJ Wright and quarterback Russell Wilson are wired for sound.

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Seth Oosting


Both of them had a great game! Hope the whole team plays like that against the Packers, Niners and our Superbowl opponent
Go Hawks!

Justin Engel

Go Hawks Good Luck from Germany

    #Sidney 31

    Haha ich bin auch deutscher! 😂
    #GoHawks 💙💚🏈

David Vice Bangura

This is the only team that can put fear into 49ers Seahawks..

    David Vice Bangura

    @Cristian Pena not with beatmood back there they have no chance

    Cristian Pena

    David Vice Bangura , I Hope so


    David Vice Bangura well he was back in week 17 and didn’t really do anything

    most feared conflict

    @whatever. He scored a NFL touchdown yeah that aint much i bet we’ve all done that at least once

    Rosendo Parra

    David Vice Bangura lol bruh still y’all were about to loose twice

dgalv 7

We can beat Green Bay I believe! Go Hawks!!

Ricardo Vera

Russell Wilson is the most dangerous player in the nfl. Been that way since he got there. Packers gotta be perfect today

    Travis Callahan

    @Levi Scaggs to counteract what you said, 3 games is not a large sample size.

    But it will be difficult.


    Ricardo Vera gonna b a good game with potential for a great game. Hawks definitely know how to put in a show & 2 great QB’s. If DangerRuss shows up & Hawks Fully show up Packers do not stand a chance .

    Hank Schrader

    Absolutely he is! Packers better be on their A game. The string of 8 losses (by the Seahawks lol) at Lambeau ENDS TODAY!! GO HAWKS

    Atrel Aquavius

    He dangeruss

    Ricardo Vera

    Levi Scaggs I’m trying to be confident in that but there are first times for everything. I’m hoping the packers can control the game on all fronts since they are the more well rounded and healthier team on paper. Russell elevates that team. They’re never out with him under center


Lynch’s TD was a thing o beauty.

    Eric Ciriano

    Never stops pumping his feet

Luis Omidi

1:14 „OK cool“ 😅

Jared Bess

-Russell Wilson


1 thing we learned from this video is Russ loves to say let’s go

    Chris M.

    Hey, whatever gets him through the game and gets them the win. I love!!! Lol!


KJ sound like a referee taunting the Eagles fans “put your shirt on” & “don’t give me the bird” 😅😅


    MotorCityOctane cracking me up 🤪🤪

Floyd Jackson

This is a particularly good Mic’d Up

Master Malcolm Video Jungle

SO GLAD we get to hear Russ after picking up that 3rd and 15 on the ground. I saw him point that index finger and I knew he was feeling it. Audio confirms.

yuv gee

“Lets go”- russel wilson, 2020

Peter Cullen

Russell Wilson – “Oh f*dge, DK*


    Peter Cullen Such Language

    William Hanby

    That was a rare glimpse into Russ imo. Great dude

    Ny Smith


David Zakaryan

2:17 – the best sound of this game

Oosh oosh oosh oosh

    Nathan Millan

    David Zakaryan lmao

jaboymichael xxx

When beastMode scored Russ voice went way up we love him

most feared conflict

Aye K.J. my favorite our longest player. Hope he gets another sack today


The scream at 4:04 the Russ did always gets me 😂😂

Grady Bargfrede

4:00 when Russ has a voice crack

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