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Cardinals 23


Cardinals 23

I hope 🤞 we draft ceedee lamb

    Larry Legend GOAT

    @Kevin R you know why he’s constantly had to escape the pocket? Because the line always lets people through. But even if oline is good, we need defense more than WR. Drafting 8th is a great opportunity to take a good dlineman. Surely you cant deny we need a defense more than WR

    Kevin R

    Larry Legend GOAT We’ll agree to disagree. Oline was really good when they played ahead or they were tied. The O-line got exposed (like any oline), you literally saw yesterday with the Ravens when you’re playing from behind pass rushers tee off on the QB. And no I want a game changing WR. Fitz is old. Kirk is more of a WR2 and no one knows if any of the three WR’s drafted last year are even good. They got 70mil in cap space. Spend that money in free agency on defense and defense only.

    Larry Legend GOAT

    @Kevin R well, we’ll just have to see how free agency plays out. I’ll be happy with Lamb if we get alot of defensive pieces in free agency. But the defense alone costed us several games. We need to absolutely fix it or we arent going anywhere


    Larry Legend GOAT Secondary needs work also being 32nd in that category is just messed up

Ramon Antunez

Are we getting flight plan?

Ethan higher

High Hopes for my cardinals

Jack TheThaiKid

CeeDee Lamb

A scooter Ridin down bel air

Lets get a new lolb to help jones get some epic sacks

ryan damon


Love Arizona


    Art Bedoya

    Oh it’s you

Kevin R

Draft Jeudy or Lamb. He needs another weapon.

    Baby Yoda

    Kevin R They want Lamb

    Kevin R

    Baby Yoda Hopefully Jeudy because he’s an elite route runner already will probably be one of the best in the NFL from day one. Lamb humiliated big 12 defenders so I’m scared he won’t transfer as well as Jeudy will.

Chris Burke

Big things will happen next season from our guy K1.


Hey it’s going on 2 weeks and the cards haven’t lost a game!🤭 Things are looking up!
Did y’all see Nick Bosa yesterday? That dude just destroyed everybody in his path! As a rookie! He was putting people on their asses!. 🤔 Oh, oh, what the Cardinals could have been. 🤔🤔🤔
Typical stupid draft picks by the loser Cardinals once again.
Cardinals: hey should we pick the biggest defensive beast in college football to come around in 30 years? Or should we pick a midget quarterback which we haven’t had the least bit of success in drafting in a 100 years. Cardinals: well we need to be PC so let’s go with the midget. Smh.
Defense wins championships!
A sound running game wins championships!
The hapless cards will lose more games next year then they did this year and you heard it first right here.

    Baby Yoda

    sb with our OLINE ROSEN WOULD OF DIED so stfu

    Baby Yoda

    sb not long ago the Niners were losers lol y’all have one good season and acting like bad asses stfu

Justin FInley

1:56 Someone said “Got Him” got him 🏃🏃😂


Wheres the Isabella throw for 80+?

nitemare khawk

Go cardinals

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