Running Back Chris Carson Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Running Back Chris Carson Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks running back Chris Carson speaks with the media on Wednesday during week 15 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Jonas Queiroz


    Tim Bartsch

    Nice picture 👍👍


    1000+ yards!

    Skoden Fineden


Seahawks Fan


Stetson Malchow

Do another flip for us against the Panthers this week like you did last year!!!

    Kohler Stroebel

    Stetson Malchow He’s not allowed, his mom told him not to do that anymore.


God bless our football team and let’s make it to the playoffs in jesus name ! Amen

    The ToasT

    Amen…capital J …. Jesus

    fergdaddy _

    Or we could separate literally anything from fundamentalist Christian nonsense and not be an international laughingstock. Hot take for the NFL community I know

    Shanna Smith


The Pickle zone

Love you Carson your an awesome RB! Go hawks! Let’s be 11-3 and dominate the panthers!!!!

A Fucking Bird

Prayers for Rashad’s recovery. I know Carson loved him as a brother


    And prayers that CJ or Homer can be close to how good Penny was playing.



A Fucking Bird

Carson is underrated and a really nice dude.

A Fucking Bird


Carson: he can catch the ball out the backfield.😂

Esaid Olvera

At this pace, you’re in line to surpass Beastmode! Get it dawggy! 💯 🔥 ✌🏽

    Matt Cross


Skoden Fineden

Nice job Chris. Quit fumbleing the ball 🤭 ayeeee

Lucas Wheeler

Just keep it simple.. give this dude 25+ carries this week. Carolina is awful against the run in 2019. Pound Carson non-stop.

And for god sake no Prosise on 1st down.

    Luke Hinderliter

    Yea no procis

Josh Ruble

He could get 1500 yards this year

michael bugni

The best!

Charlie P

Chris Carson, an all around class act. I’m a big fan! GO HAWKS!

Clorox Bleach



No more fumbles! Not one!

HP Films

Not to shabby for a 7th rounder

Koi Matai

Just hold onto the ball and continue to do what you do and we’re Superbowl bound

Da Bus

Beast Carson🔥

John Hooker

Carson is one of the best running backs in the NFL.Class Act

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