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Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 15 Wednesday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Wednesday during week 15 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Fan 💯

Ashton Preusen

Go hawks


Looking forward to see if CJ prosise can make some big plays this weekend

    Skoden Fineden

    I’d like ta see what T.Homer can doo. Think we know bout C.J.

    Big Tings

    I absolutely love him it’s disgusting he doesn’t get to play as much as he should


    Check prosise is the Seahawks best back just watch

Spock B

Gotta play solid fundemental defense, Especially Tight Coverages. Gotta hit em in the mouth and show who’s boss, no excuses!

Chris Cantillas

Alright Fan on! Hawks!♥️😐

Bada Bing

It’s my birthday and I want a seahawks win for it this time

    Mihai Grigoras

    Happy birthday. If it only did work like that 😉


    happy bday and GO HAWKS

    Matthew Pettit

    My bday was the 10th of November. We got the win over 49rs the 11th. I was super happy

    Matthew Pettit

    Oh how rude of my self!!! Happy bday bro!!!!

Tim Bartsch

What’s up everyone Go Seahawks

The Pickle zone

Lets go hawks! We will be 11-3 and dominate the panthers!!

NFL Footage

Falcons upset the 49ers? Hopefully? lol

    Mauro Alvarez III

    NFL Footage Matt Ryan is one of the worlds wonders lol he’s sometimes on fire and sometimes he’s a dud hopefully he makes it a battle for the niners

    Mihai Grigoras

    We could have really used that Saints W, have no hopes for the Falcons. The 49ers are a very solid team, the cracks are very fine. Hope I am wrong.


    NFL Footage … If there ever was genuine possibility for an underdog to pull off a win, the Falcons are it!! 👌

    Brian Gladue

    Theres an article floating around where it’s not impossible the 9ers dont make playoffs. It’s a stretch but if Falcons upset the 9ers it’s definitely possible. I’ll see if I can find it for yall

    NFL Footage

    @Mihai Grigoras Yeah it’s a stretch but sometimes when teams come off of big wins, they let their guard down. Plus falcons are known to pull big upsets against teams like the saints. It’s a stretch, but you never know.

Alek Torrez

Finally they start playing LJ why get him in the 1st round if you never use him hopefully he makes an impact. Let’s be more explosive on offense and more dominant on defense these next 3 games

ran in tha cut

Go hawks !! Let’s bounce back

Josh Ruble

Win out, win the west. Let’s go fellas

Andrew Nguyen

Go Hawks! And We will be 11-3 and Crush The Panthers

Clorox Bleach


Charlie P


Jim Chiro

Can we play like this is the last game for us.we need to have this three left.please😀😀go hawks


get well game GO HAWKS


Pete’s a class act… always offers sincere praise to his opponents, after a loss 👍 Go Hawks!!!


Pete right about the pass rush the defense is designed to get pass rush from the back end coverage means the db have to play tighter💯

Jesse Pugh

Homer is alive everybody

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