Rise Up Tonight | Week 3 featuring Desi Banks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rise Up Tonight | Week 3 featuring Desi Banks

Kelly Price and former Falcon Harry Douglas kick the weekend off right with all things Falcons and Atlanta Culture | Rise Up Tonight presented by AT&T

When: Fridays at Midnight, beginning September 11th

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Quadarian Broome Reply

First 🔴⚫️

Anthony Williams Reply


Thomas tbone Reply

lets hope falcons can start winning first we got bears to deal with rise up falcons

falconfan1990 Reply

Please post this every week

Dat brother trey Reply

Man if it ain’t a blow out I’m not satisfied

MrsDavis56 Reply

Desi Banks!! ❤🖤❤

Giles Evan Reply

The male commentator was trying to hard

Jevon Seals Reply

Video to crinegy but riseup

Boss Supreme Reply

We needed that to happen last week in order to become who we will be. And by the way. Don’t Kelly Price look truly Amazing. ATL Rise Up

Karl Vincent Reply

We need a win tomorrow. Whatever it takes😤!

    I call out retards Reply

    lol aj terell and ricardo allen aint playing 😂

Brandon Dennison Reply


C T Reply

C’mon falcons!

ms t Reply

RISE UP?? After Sunday’s debacle, nowhere to go but up.

Nosy Rosie Reply

Let’s go! 👍🏾

Nosy Rosie Reply

I don’t want to sit next to be that close. 🤭

Nosy Rosie Reply

I love ❤️ Desi Bank.

Nosy Rosie Reply

alright, 👍🏾

Nosy Rosie Reply

He has great material. Funny 🤣.

Mas Reply

Love the show! In fact, all ATL falcons shows are enjoyable, calamity loses & all! We love and believe in our Falcons no matter what’s hitting us next🤔🙄

aviato287 x Reply

Ya need to change out that host!!

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