Chargers Scout Panthers, “They play really passionate defense” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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LiL 6L4XY Reply

I’m ready for the game

    Samuel Ayala Reply

    LiL 6L4XY I’m so hyped ever since last week

chris lira Reply

Hope Herbert has a hell of a game

    clownin dan Reply

    I hope he cleans up the small mistakes and starts putting up madden numbers every week to shutdown the haters. Either way he looks really impressive so far

    Yoni Garcia Reply

    Same brother same ⚡️

    Mina Lim Reply

    4 tds 350 yards


    Rooting for the Whole Team Especially Herbert!!

brandon rodriguez Reply

Legend has if ur a die hard chargers fan, the chargers will like this

Bolt Boy Reply

We are gonna win 34-13 with Herbert

Jay Reply

28-7 Chargers ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Legend__ 21 Reply

Yessir it’s Herbert time! And let’s give desmond king some more playing time coach! #BoltUp⚡⚡⚡

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @VNB6 Vinilla latte B6 facts bro, but hopefully they’ll be good to go by Sunday

    VNB6 Vinilla latte B6 Reply

    Legend__ 21 Herbert is about that life bro

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @VNB6 Vinilla latte B6 facts bro, we have a bright future with him as our QB💯

    DisneyRocks Reply

    LT I been kind of hard on the Bolts family for relocating to LA however the lightning bolt is on my chest and this team will always be part of me since 1994 Bolt up

Vonkhar Gaming Reply

Justin almost sounds like paul walker


    buhahaha close your eyes, and you could hear him NO LIE haha..

    Yoni Garcia Reply

    Bruh I didn’t even notice that till now 😂

    Steven Degree Reply

    Justin Harbor

    Julio GR Reply

    You right! R.i.p. Paul

    Kiryu Reply

    Wow is uncanny RIP Paul Walker

uhhangel Reply

I hope this offense can put more than 30 points on the board

temeculajoe Reply

Lynn has softened his tone about Herb, guess owners had a talk with him

    Davoin Showerhandle Reply

    lynn just knew what was wrong with tyrod and didn’t want him to lose his job because of something out of his control. i understand why he was acting so weird about herbert starting before

    beleh toma Reply

    Davoin Showerhandle agree

    casey weaver Reply

    I was thinking the same fucking thing!! LOL owners told Lynn Herbert is the NOW!

    Brandon Wells Reply

    Translation: Somebody got called to the principal’s office for an attitude readjustment

    Marcus Jones Reply

    @Brandon Wells Nope

Sodom Mass Reply

Herbie time!

Donnachaidh Reply

Come on Herb, knock another LBers head

Lightningboy 3811 Reply


FillHerGuts Reply

The first time I’ve heard Anthony Lynn actually talk like he is happy Justin Herbert is starting

    Aaron Lawrence Reply

    You have to think about the eggshells he had to walk on before. Tyrod just got unfairly injured. As a coach you can’t just say immediately after that happens that the guy won’t ever start again. And I think he still had hopes of letting Herbert sit a full year

    FillHerGuts Reply

    @Aaron Lawrence of course but when a rookie quarterback in his first game ever does that good against the defending Super Bowl champions you got to give credit where it’s due and Anthony Lynn hasn’t

    Riley Ladiero Reply

    FillHerGuts I mean it’s one game he did great but there is a lot of work that needs to be done so there is no need to give Herbert a big head. Lynn handled it well

    Tasi Wilson Reply

    FillHerGuts Lynn chiefs postgame “I think he did good considering the circumstances”

clownin dan Reply

Let’s go chargers!!!

Tom Da Comic Book Nerd Reply

Justin Herbert all I have to say is make the Panthers shutdown and win this.

Aspen Reply

Put Desmond king at safety

Oscar Almaguer Reply

Hollywood Herbert

A.J. Johal Reply

Can you put the names of the players up who are answering the questions?

suyen duarte Reply

If herbert throws 5 td Lynn would still start taylor

michael perez Reply

Anthony Lynn when asked about both QB’s
Tyrod Taylor 😍🥰
Justin Herbert 😒🙄

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