Riley Ridley: When your time comes, have your guys back – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
ace2much4ya The best


    Mr. Person

    ace2much4ya The best second

Man of God!!!Rob

He’ll be great years to come

Kosta DaGreekFreak

This guy can be a weapon next season

    J Dolo

    Couldve shouldve wouldve been a weapon this yr! But someone doesnt know how to maximize talent …not saying no nanes but he wears a visor in winter. Like a dumbass

Ron Mullen

He’s going to be great! Robinson, Miller, Wims, and him are going to give our bears really good receivers! If we could get a TE and an o line this team will make noise!

    I'm Awesome

    Nagy needs to give up offensive play calling

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Yeah take away play calling from that man .. get an O line, TE, legit WR 2 and outside corner opposite Fuller

    Edit: And a pass rusher opposite Mack jesus christ do they have money to even do this lol

Michael Shaw

Next big thing right there!

DaWindyCity Productions

He’s CLUTCH. Need to get him more involved next season, the dude can run some mean routes


    DaWindyCity Productions he made 1 catch while wide open I wouldn’t call that clutch but hopefully he gets really good

    No U

    narz ay yo he was open ALL GAME Trubisky just didn’t see him until he really needed to wdym??? He torched his corner that was covering him all day but you say he got open 1 time?!??! Please watch the film.

    J Dolo

    @No U key part was last part. …watch film…you can tell who NEVER do.

    No U

    J Dolo I know right

D Blok

Like the saying goes get em next year GO BEARS💯💯💯

    Lamuel J Sackson

    I know right since 1985… but still 🐻⬇️ you fools!

Emperor Penguin

Trade Gabriel, ARob wr1, Miller slot, Wims wr2
Better be this way next year

    Emperor Penguin

    @J Dolo preferably black… yeah okay goodluck with that while Virginia “only thing worse than cheerleaders are black qbs” McCaskey is still alive

    J Dolo

    @Emperor Penguin i know just would be good for PR. lol. That move makes it so much harder to let mitch naturally develop without comparison to other qbs who have legit coaches and better overall weapons. No disrespect to arob. He underrated. Lil
    B. Marshall

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @J Dolo bro Montgomery is elusive as hell but even he cant make 3 or 4 guys miss every carry.. you have to have a decent O-line to open holes for the RB

    J Dolo

    @Lamuel J Sackson true. If you cant run you cant win. Dont understand how ppl complain bout mitch when he needs a tin game and OL protection. TE too. Can see if he had those and we were losing bc we couldnt pass. Then blame qb

Robert Butler Jr

He’s going to be a beast when he comes back next year. You can see it in his body language.


GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Un Redacted

slot reciever for 2020


Future weapon to use and partly Gabriel’s replacement

zooie z

1000 yard guy next season!!

Daaa Bearssssssssssssss

    J Dolo

    Lol fucking hilarious. He like 5th wr.

Sandy Moy


Lamuel J Sackson

Lose Gabriel and promote this man, Patterson and Wims… Miller just needs to stay healthy

superblaze101 yo

Need more of this guy on the field

Jerry Kwerve

Get a real QB to get him the ball.

    J Dolo

    Get a real coach to play him first then see if qb can het him ball….LIKE HE DID WHEN IT MATTERED or been doin all yr with AROB and other wrs who drop most passes in team history. Mitch aint the problem. Its the play caller.

    Brandon Freres

    The plays are going to seem bad if the players dont do their jobs and blow their assignments. To me, that is what killed us, players not doing their jobs right. And I’m mainly talking about offensive line/tight end NOT Mitch

    J Dolo

    @Brandon Freres yeah but problem is they’re predictable based of firm bc he dont change them. Especially run plays. This game he did ….huge difference bc unpredictable

Jerry Kwerve

Try and draft Tee Higgins from clemson or Jefferson from LSU


    We don’t have that capital! Do your research next time. We need to fix the OL before we make any skill position moves.

    Brandon Freres

    We also need a TE

J Dolo

So what was nagy waiting for? We been injured and had most drops in league. Smh. Fire nagy. Wasted season and holded bsck every player on offense. Except LENO aka LEANONME

Adam S

This kids gonna be a goat

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