Kwiatkoski on safety: The hole opened up and hit it – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
mason lause

This guy needs to be the starter next season!!! This dude has massive potential


    @mason lause He actually impressed me since preseason, I’m glad he had a chance to show what he can do, he reminds me of a young Urlacher..!


    mason lause He may cost a lot

    Lamuel J Sackson

    He’s definitely a liability in coverage tho but brings the hammer

    J Dolo

    @Shadow458230 yeah too much. JPL will be even better. Waaaay faster. Just needs more reps. Its in him. Kwit too slow in coverage to start in pagano defense. Let him rush off edge

    Kevin Tross

    mason lause he looked like Urlacher today, wrecked that game


I love this guy. We need to keep him for sure.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @Ian M idk about Superbowl but definitely playoff worthy… if the offense pulls their own weight than yes they could be in the Superbowl

    Ian M

    Lamuel J Sackson unfortunately trubisky is not the guy. Because if the defense has off days, they need a QB to win them games

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @Ian M bro I watched football all day today and you know what all the teams that won had a good running game… Its a team sport not all on QB you think Lamar Jackson is really better at throwing the ball than Rodgers, Mahomes and Brees? C’mon man even those top QBs I just mentioned need a solid O line and great running game and theres my point

    Ian M

    Lamuel J Sackson good point. Let’s hope they fix that o-line and run more. I think the bears are more of a running team.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @Ian M yeah man I mean they are in the “black and blue” division but I wouldn’t put Nagy and Pace above that they’ll most likely neglect it.. or replace them with players just as bad or worse I mean they signed Leno to a damn contract extension for God sakes that just says it all 😂

Arun Lal

Mans a stud and should be incorporated even with smith and trevathan back

    J Dolo

    Put him olb and see how he pass rush. Move floyd inside. Pagano should be moving and subbing everybody around next yr. They know scheme now. Keep this team together.



Windy City

Drop trevathan keep Kwit!!!

    Roni Mugaki


    J Dolo

    Trev take pay cut. Keit cant take anybody job. Thats why he hasnt. He cant cover …too slow. Great tackler and can blitz. But he looks exactly like shea mcclellin in coverage lost….vs avg or above qbs. Look who he played against while starting. Fams dont pay attention to detail


Appreciate the Effort! 🐻⬇

Un Redacted

linebacking swiss army knife getcha money man.

    Jeff Adams

    Un Redacted perfect description!

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Except he sucks in coverage

zooie z



Jeff Adams

Kwiatkoski embodies the Bears D.


this guy stepped up and 100 percent was the highlight of our defense. Even Kevin Pierre-Louis
stepped up and became a highlight

    J Dolo

    Bruh he played good vs the bummest offenses. Go check schedule games he started. Today We got torched by no name boone. He is target vs good qbs.

Amahd Cole

Keep him on chicago he is a great player

Adam Shaw

It’s a shame the the Bears are probably gonna get rid of him so he can go somewhere else and be a star..typical chicago move

Tyler Wozniak

Trevathen is an awesome leader for this team, but unfortuntaly he doesnt bring the same thud/pop Kwik does. That used to be Kiwks main strenght while he struggled to run with RB and TE and get east to west quick enough but this season he proved that he signigcantly improved that weakness of his. I woild love for us to keep this man for next year. We need more punishing hitters on defense and this dude brings the rock reminds me a little of a white Lance Briggs in his play style.

First name Paris

He might have landed himself a starting role

First name Paris

He just needs to work on catching those interceptions bc I see Brian URlacher in him a lot

Jeffrey Lee

“the hole opened up and i hit it” …me too dawg, me too

Key City00

They better pay this man. He made the best of the opportunity and it showed. They are better with him. Has great instincts.

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