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Elijah Lomax

At least we get to fire Garrett

    M. Cole

    We won’t

    Branded McGowan

    I wonder WHEN will it happen….. still waiting…..waiting……waiting….

    omg _

    Jim Johnson LMAO did you even watch the game? So you’re gonna say bcuz the ball bounced off an open receivers hands and because he threw a Hail Mary pick at the end of the game is daks fault losing the game? At least make logical statements.

    Julian Gonzalez

    @Honor Emeritus Then you shouldn’t have asked me the question. Like I had already said have a good life .

    Richard McDonald

    Contract up….no firing

Emperor Palpatine

“Here’s the thing Skip”




    You know damn well this doesn’t matter and cowboys fans are so stupid that they’ll accept this like it was a superbowl. 😂😂😂

    Prophet Indeed

    Rise of palpatine!

    Kev Johnstone

    Here’s the thang skiup

Saad Syed

Good bye Jason Garrett

    Matthew Ortiz


Donavon McCrab #PatsStolemyRing #Eagles33-9Pats

All those touchdowns for the golf course playoffs

SKST Games

LOLboys haven’t been relevant since Jimmy Johnson

    Curtis Martin

    Jerry Jones and his ego ruined the Cowboys…

    Gerardo Hernandez

    You are talking about them. That makes them relevant.


    @michael weizer they should have never granted a new team to Cleveland. Ohio is a dumpster fire.

    Marsha Blye

    @Michael Orme , relevant enough for you to post!

Bryan Garcia

When ur to early for the good coments

    J&D bros

    @Bryan Garcia you obviously

    Bryan Garcia

    @Luis M sorry English is not my first language

    Bryan Garcia

    I meant too*


    @J&D bros 102 people care


    This one sure isn’t one of them

I'm Joker28

The Eagles have clinched a first-round exit and the Cowboys have clinched the final spot on the couch

    ev mel

    Clorox Bleach wow how clever haven’t heard that one. Girls are awesome so come up with something better

    Clorox Bleach

    Dashiell Tischer Nah we killed the Giants

    Clorox Bleach

    EXotic Nova Lemme get this straight for you… Eagles basically beat the Cowgirls with a practice squad offense…

    Alex Morales

    @oldnew newold the fact this clown thinks the eagles really doing something. Lol

Larrysgdz Thebest


*Redskins: yessss! we got chase young*


*Chase Young: me and my family decided to continue my college career and finish school*

    MLP Shawn

    @retro nerds “He said hell nah” LMAOOOOO!!!!


    @Sole Soul well played!


    @4evrR #1 he’s from the DC area and another Ohio State player? Well that sounds like it was meant to be


    FMG Mack and you think your cowboys are any better? We werent meant to win anything this year and you were expected to make the playoffs atleast


    No, if you’ve paid attention to our high draft picks in the last 4 years. He’ll get hurt and miss his rookie year..

Shortest SB Champion QB

Garrett started 8-8. He ends 8-8. 😂


    Garrett 0-16 2020 as Dolphins coach

    Staubach Begaye

    Mr 8-8

    wish i was your’s



    I don’t know why the Cowboys do this. They go good one year, then are average the next. I swear, they’ll look bad next year, then all of a sudden look amazing again. This has been back and forth since 2013.

Fingering Things

Thanks Jason, for not only wasting 10 years of everyone’s time, but wasting prime years of great players. I hope I never seen Jason Garrett ever again near the Cowboys.


    @metalgear215 “cow girls”… you’re such a tool lmao.


    Fans act like they have a superbowl roster, no you wouldnt even go to the superbowl


    @metalgear215 you’re really good at repeating yourself. Is that an education from the “Philadelphia institute of talking but not really saying anything academy” I detect? Nah keep going I want to hear it again…

Bryan Walker

If only this game meant something…

    Â1 92hrs

    @bryce oh I think we could easily he has to go and those stats are when he played against a weak defense not on any good teams did he show up and play for us no he was never seen when we needed him

    Myotismon Puppetmon

    It does mean something but would’ve meant something more if giants won means we made finals

    Â1 92hrs

    @Myotismon Puppetmon we weren’t going to make it have you seen how we were playing lmao we were done last week

    M Pa

    Lmao Yankees Cowboys fan classic

    Bryan Walker

    My name is Connor exactly so the game didn’t mean anything ? 😂

Jeremiah Shea

Again, I ask “Where were these Cowboys all season?”

    Van Jaylon

    Dave Saenz Yeah that’s why Dak passed for 4,900 yards and 30 TDs, because he cant do anything without Elliott lmao… The more accurate suggestion is Wentz cant do anything without Ertz. He just throws to him 6 times in a row over and over

    Van Jaylon

    Dave Saenz Also, Cowboys had the number 1 offense. So he can easily ourscore opponents, as you’ll see next year when we have competent coaching. Glad to know you dont watch football

    Maximus Wolfe

    They did that to the deadskins you idiot. Your question answers itself.

    Maximus Wolfe

    @Van Jaylon

    They literally never beat any good teams. They are a joke and Jerruh will keep them middling until he dies (hopefully he’s immortal).

    Van Jaylon

    Maximus Wolfe If Dak is top 5 in wins since entering the NFL and has a playoff win, I assure you that he has beat a good team lmfao. Are all of you guys just mouthbreathers or what

Kevyn Battle



    derrick harris

    Winston is the best player ever and way over Tom Brady

    Stanley Apollon


    James Peery

    The cowboys are the only team to outscore opponents by +100 and miss the playoffs lol.

    Corey Lee

    Hey, at least he’s 30 for 30! 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂

Cater Dig

All cowboys fans had 2 TV’s looking at the eagles and giants while also watching this gsme2


    @hamhockbeans he was only mad he lost out on the revenue of another home game.

    seancey stephens

    Fr!! I was at the game looking at The Eagles Vs Giants Game

    Curtis Martin

    so true… live in NY so was stuck watch the Eagles game on my TV… had to stream the Cowboys.

    Slippin’ Jimmy

    Damn right 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Daniel Mocsny

    So you’re saying picture-in-picture hasn’t made it to Dallas yet.

NBA Mania Highlights Mania

Cowboys end the decade doing nothing

    Brandon Ohara

    @Brenden Nichols the Cowboys beating the Redskins is completely irrelevant but you seem to think otherwise therefore you’re delusional. Good luck 😂😂 have fun watching the playoffs without your team in it!

    Brenden Nichols

    @Brandon Ohara I will enjoy the playoffs just fine, as I’m a fan of football more than I am of the Cowboys only.

    Brenden Nichols

    @Brandon Ohara I said that the win was doing something, as it means they didn’t lose the game and get embarrassed by the lowly Redskins – a hated divisional foe. We don’t have a spot in the playoffs, but what we will hopefully have is a new head coach before next season. That is all I truly care about right now.

    Brandon Ohara

    @Brenden Nichols ok fair enough. Respect to that bro

    Brandon Ohara

    @Brenden Nichols ok fair enough


Cowboys always too little, too late.


Well at least we have a kicker


    One step in the right direction

    Jeff Flank

    Kai field goals perfect.extra points perfect.just please don’t angle kick-offs any more.🤠

    FBI Jones

    Amen to that

    wish i was your’s

    thank god


Where was this performance last week when the Cowboys needed it the most?🤔🤔🤔


    @TX 19 lmao, I guarantee you no sensible Eagles fan thinks this year’s Eagles are a better team than Dallas….which makes it funnier that Philly wins when it mattered. See ya next season. 🙂

    TX 19

    @UnBR0k3enAngel lol sensible and eagle fans don’t go together but enjoy it see ya soon got a spot on the couch for ya it’s byob by the way

Sani Malcolm

Jason Garret after the loss
Ight imma head out
Edit: I meant after the win against the redskins win

    Tommy Amador

    U deleted old comment and.edited i aint stupid

    Sani Malcolm

    I thought you were

    Sani Malcolm

    Just kidding your smart

    David Villereal

    @Tommy Amador up

Harry Seward

Bye, Garrett! UPS is hiring!

    Shawn Bridges

    Troll much?

    Shawn Bridges

    Troll much?

    Shawn Bridges

    Troll much?

    Shawn Bridges

    Troll much?

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