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Escocivo 30

Daniel Jones had a great season. From people doubting him at the draft to being the Future for the Giants.

    L G R W

    Keaden Wheeler ya man I agree. I was just comparing him to a a few other young QBs Line, yes his line bad but most of the young QBs have that same problem

    L G R W

    Keaden Wheeler that was my point. Sorry fo the confusion

    Thomas Ackerly

    @Keaden Wheeler my bag . Coach fired why not GM

    Keaden Wheeler

    @L G R W Yea but the young QBs have weapons but DJ have saquon Shepherd and Darius Slayton…. Golden Tate is old he is not long term for the giants , Ingram the TE is aways hurt and can never play a full season they paid That Left tackle from new England big money and he is bad

    Keaden Wheeler

    @L G R W its all good G


Not a bad rookie season, even though he had major fumbling problems I can see a bright future in this kid

    Ams _16_02

    Skins 7 Facts


    @Skins 7 Factssss

    Time To Wake Up

    @Skins 7

    What about the 12 other interceptions he threw that were dropped by the opposing defensive backs?

    I Surrender

    Time To Wake Up stfu hater


    Time To Wake Up we have to hope he gets better over time, Peyton Manning ended his rookie season with 28 interceptions


That’s My QB

    RoguePepper 9606

    Sports Fan A. That doesn’t even make sense or rhyme so your humor is trash
    B. He started 12 games and was 4 tds away from breaking the record by a rookie

    Sports Fan

    RoguePepper 9606 He’s trash but DJ has nots turnovers then him, I think

    Ally Biggs

    StealthRaven Phillip rivers kind of qb in my opinion he will put you in a playoff situation but isn’t a Peyton Tom drew kind of qb but we will see Phillip rivers will be his ceiling alex smith Mathew stafford his floor but that’s all I see from him

    Nathan Gibbs

    Sports Fan r u ok? How is he right?

Omni Pepper

He’s not bad. Solid for a rookie.

    Duvish Suthar

    @Sports Fan what are you talking about benched? he played basically the whole year

    Duvish Suthar

    @Sports Fan LMAOO DARNOLDS ROOKIE YEAR WAS 17 tds 15 ints and youre calling dj the turnover king?

    Sports Fan

    Duvish Suthar DJ has more turnovers then Darnold cuz of his fumbles his rookie year

    Sports Fan

    Duvish Suthar but Darnold started his first game and DJ didn’t. DJ started playing week 3 or 4 his rookie year but Darnold started instead of getting benched like DJ

    Sports Fan

    Duvish Suthar and Darnold has more wins this season then DJ

Obinna Nwakwue

Remember when we laughed at the Giants for drafting him?

    Sad Giants Fan

    UKNOW stop replying to every comment loser.


    Sad Giants Fan That what no life do just hate on other people success


    Yes, it was pathetic.

    Obinna Nwakwue

    @UKNOW your team isn’t going to the playoffs, are they?

Hector Rodriguez

With Eli Manning My play his last rodeo in a Giants uniform. While Daniel Jones is the future of the New York Giants franchise give this rookie some time it takes a while to learn in the NFL level

    L G R W

    UKNOW give Danny dime dak o line and dak defense you would be singing different tune


    L G R W Fax


    L G R W I literally asked you to stop making excuses for bad seasons. I thought a quarterback was supposed to elevate his team around him? I said stop making excuses for bad seasons. 4-12. Pathetic

    Nathan Gibbs

    UKNOW stop trying to tell people what to do


Thank you so much for getting me into the playoffs and most importantly getting the cowboys out.

    Lil Robux

    would rather have the eagles than the cowboys tbh

Big Blue Squad

-First 7 : (81.2 RTG 11 TD. 8 INT)
-Last 5 : (93.2 RTG 13 TD. 4 INT)
Great improvement on 2nd half of the season Dimes. Look at the bad & the good, clean up the mistakes & comeback for a even stronger sophomore year.

    Colin Barlow

    UKNOW you’re the only moron here

    Big Blue Squad

    UKNOW Sorry but his stats proves he’s improving. You can say what u want but his stats speak for itself lol


    Big Blue Squad beware the sophomore slump


    UKNOW Lamar Jackson

Hoyt M

I love the NFL best sports league on earth go boys

Dropped my Hotpocket

I got him over Kyler🤷🏽‍♂️

    Myles Curry

    Dropped my Hotpocket your smoking smoking

    Dimitri Wisecarver

    I like his play style better then murray
    he can throw and run good
    murray is a run first qb

Anas Hussain

They better have a vid about mclaurin he missed a few games but if he didn’t he would’ve had a 1000


Kid is solid 💪

connor miller

Been rooting for him all season. He’s been under ridiculous amount of pressure. He had a good year for a rookie. Just needs to clean up those turnovers. He’ll bounce back.


Peoole during draft: ‘Giants screwed up drafting this bust’

Giants fans a few months later: ‘We gotta accept he’s the franchise QB, so no point trashing him’

During Preseason: ‘It’s just preseason against backups, let’s see it in the regular season’

After he gets the starting job: ‘Hell yeah! Let’s go, Danny Dimes!’

    Duolingo Bird

    Giants fans by week 8: Oh, so he does suck. Great.


    PughTv I always wanted him but they could’ve gotten him at 17 and gotten josh Allen at 6


    @Duolingo Bird yup pretty much


    @Matt1356 guess they didn’t wanna take any chances. At the very least they got Dexter Lawrence


You all know I met him on draft day. Right. He is an amazing kid and talented player and leader.

Brian Keegan

Danny throws the most consistent perfect spiral in the league right now, @ me

Colin Stapleton

During draft: LOL BUST

Few months later: LOL BUST


Week 3 vs Bucs: FLUKE

Week 16: LOL AGAINST THE REDSKINS (Meanwhile he literally is the first rookie to throw for 350+ yards, 5 TDs & 0 INTs in one game _and_ the only QB to throw for 5 TDs against the skins this season).

Amazing how the narrative changes.


    I never thought he was a bust but just got picked too early


    Everyone else heading into 2020: LOL BUST

    Colin Stapleton

    @Silva701 that’s a fair argument. However, if you love a Quarterback, you _never_ wait


This dude got drunk in a Bar with Eli Manning while being filmed with a girl twerking on him in his rookie year. This dude is a national treasure 💪🏼😂 oh ye and hes an awesome football player who woulnd‘t fumble as much if it wasn‘t for his OL

jake jackson

8:30 his best play


Looking forward to Jones with a coach that actually calls good plays.

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