Ravens Unscripted: Breaking Down Another Primetime Win – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Unscripted: Breaking Down Another Primetime Win

Evan Washburn, WNST's Luke Jones, Garrett Downing and Ryan Mink talk about the hot topics from the TNF win over the Jets and look forward to the playoffs.

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ravenz on crack

lamars the mvp, and the ravens will be super bowl champs


This game was amazing to watch. I love this team so much!!

king shark

When the wrs have a big day, … it’s not pretty for the opposition. Air Jackson is cold. But, like aikman said, just go look at what bobby petrino had Lamar doing, he was getting 35-45 attempts in some games. … he about to be league mvp on around 20 attempts avg. Lol.

This ride still not even broken in yet.

    Lion Thomas

    Bro when you said AIR JACKSON ……I was like 😳……truuuuuuu!!!!!!
    Harbs wasn’t F**king around about that revolutionary 💩…..👀 it’s a first time for everything

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … yep, yep. … I’m seeing the small pocket rocket plays he’s making that will lead to more air game. … we will need some tweaks, if I’m right, every team we face from here to the sb, will be a team we’ve played, no more 1st look teams, unless the colts take the AFC south.

Jimi Bmore

Where’s Cliff? He makes the show..lol

grim farm

Good game keep the energy up go ravens

JSway 24

The chiefs? Will get demolished in a rematch. Raven offense is on a diff level an the defense is much improved

    Childish Hipster

    JSway 24 yea but those weapons with mahomes …he the only one in the afc who can do it

    Marcus Anderson

    JSway 24 id have to agree.. I see a well fought 1st quarter.. then our offense starts to overpower their Defense.


and this years mvp goes to LAMAR JACKSON!

    Lion Thomas

    Exactly there is no reigning MVP in team sports it’s an annual award so people can stop saying that

Ivan West


    Lion Thomas

    Fa sho he is……..PLAYOFFS!!!!!😳

    Glass Chin Joshua

    Mahomes had a great year last year But pat wasn’t as electric and record breaking as LJ

    Ivan West

    @Glass Chin Joshua BIG FACTS!!! And I definately rocks wit Mahomes!

Wells Fargo


Oncsimus Shakur

keep grinding, GO RAVENS!!!!

Timothy Brice

Met Garrett Downing just for a few seconds once during a Ravens M&T Bank summer practice. Was walking with my bro near the concession area and I said, “Hey… that’s Garrett Downing!” Unexpectedly, he looked over at us and kindly shook our hands but, I didn’t know what to say then. He asked us, “How are you guys liking the practice?” To which we said something like, “It’s going great!” Wish I had said something better. We’ve been enjoying your content for years now! Wish I would have said simply that we enjoy what what you ALL are doing for us. Giving us content to watch all year long and making it entertaining. Been loving what the Ravens media has been doing for us Ravens fans all these years

Lion Thomas

The Ravens have the other 31 teams in the lex luger torture rack right now……..😏 lol

Omkar Chhetri

yo j win the man go man goit here the one man men the player frire dang

Calvin Roach


Spencer Lynds

Ryan making the Raven sound lmaooooooo


Bring the general home Eric. He’s still got miles in him and we could use those third down strip sacks on a judon/Suggs tag team sack. It’ll be the difference when they play mahomes in January

    Walter Brown

    The Arizona Cardinals had just released Terrell Suggs Can the Ravens get him before the San Francisco 49er does ?


    Walter Brown idk

Randy Hughes

That Virtual Raven looked cool
Maybe they should design a drone in the shape of a raven & fly it around the field

Jfran Man

The NFC Playoff standings at 13:14 are incorrect. How are the 49ers and Seahawks both division leaders? Cowboys are in right now.

Jonathan Fischer

The NFC east is such trash people forget one of those teams are a division leader

    joe lav

    Hahahha noticed that too. Had Niners and hawks both in the same div as leaders lol

Tom Ross TV

It’s funny to see those who wished the worse on Lamar have to eat their words😂

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