Hype Reel: Ravens Win Back-to-Back AFC North Championships | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hype Reel: Ravens Win Back-to-Back AFC North Championships | Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens won their second-straight AFC North title with a 42-21 win over the New York Jets. Check out some of the iconic moments of the 2019 season that led to this point.

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big truss💜🖤

Chris Howard

The Ravens are 🔥

Khiliq Pullen

Big trusss💜


Can’t believe people thought Cleveland was gonna win the North. LMAO!

    Cotton Candy

    Ikr ravens are the best


    I saw your picture I said WTF. Lmao

    Cotton Candy

    seanskip360 wdym


    Hey man, life’s already hard enough to be a fan of the worst run franchise in all of sports. It was nice for them to get to make believe before the season started…

    Chris Rife

    Ya well us ravens fans that have been around long enough know the browns suck… browns had a good team several years ago and people were saying they might win north and they couldn’t even go 8-8. I thought browns would be a 7-9 team and looks like I won’t be off by much now. I didn’t know if ravens would win it but I knew the browns wouldn’t but again I didn’t know Jackson was going to progress into such a talented monster in year 2.

Louie Jones

0:08 exactly lamar

Brice Waldon

Its been a hell of a season. Lets keep it going.

Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans

Browns: We’re gonna win the North!
Ravens: Better come see me.


    Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans AT THE BANK

    A J C Sr

    Brownies 💩 were gunna win the Superbowl ! 🤣
    The Ravens were going to finish just behind the Bungles.
    Remember ?
    Those pundits are lookin pretty stupid now ! 😈


    That’s what Colin Cowherd said too. He’s since deleted his take…

    Daniel Barber

    Big truss, woop woop

Mackenzie Cammock

The North is Not Enough


    Mackenzie Cammock believe dat

Julian Shipp Jr

We want that 3rd Lombardi 😈😈😈

Adam N

Oh we are gonna win the whole thing.

Sam Dath

Let’s go boys let’s get another super bowl ring go ravens

Ben Valenzuela

2 more games, don’t leave anything to chance.

    Kenny Watson

    North already clinched tho

    Ben Valenzuela

    @Kenny Watson yeah but we still want more wins especially these last 2 teams

    Kenny Watson

    Ben Valenzuela win the next game and we clinch home field. No other team in the afc can have a better/equal records other than New England but we have the tie breaker over them.

    Chris Rife

    I would say sit Jackson but last game of season is vs Steelers… nothing better than sweeping the Steelers. If Ravens beat Browns which I think they will, probably best to start RGIII vs Steelers.


    Chris Rife we want revenge on Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Clowns

Nicholas Caljean

Love the clip of Eric DeCosta in Seattle after the Peter’s pick 6. With no words, his yell said “I freaking nailed it.” How often do you get to see emotion like that out if a GM? Lamar is the MVP, but Eric worked absolute magic this year getting the pieces, especially in reforming this defense.

    Edwin Navedo

    100% agree ….I was having a discussion about Eric Decosta and how he has taken the Torch from Ozzie and he his making an immediate impact

    D 3

    Nicholas Caljean Getting it started with Bynes and Fort was absolute genius on his part!!!!!

Chris Rife

Got a feeling next year the ravens will be afc north champs again.

Ivan West


    Illuminati Chasers


    Ivan West

    @Illuminati Chasers u tripn tripn😀

    Mathew Lagueux

    @Illuminati Chasers seen it happen before

Jorge Naranjo

Easiest coaching ever

Lamar: we scoring
Harbaugh: yeah, do it that way

I love this team !!! BIG TRUSS WOO WOO

    Mr. Walk Down

    Jorge Naranjo every once in a while I think they just let them pick plays. When I played high school football I told my coach just to throw it and stop running it and the whole game he threw it🤷🏾‍♂️when they don’t know what to do they just let the players play. PS we lost 20-21 best game I’ve ever played in.

    F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

    Lamar Jackson in the flesh

Rodney Z.

0:58 is THE moment that this group put it in overdrive… Straight fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

Good Time Guy

Its a great time to be a Ravens fan. Gonna enjoy this journey and appreciate it for being so special.

Evan Webb

Browns: Lets get this bread!

Ravens: Hold my beer

Śłøw Grïñd Tv

“Hell yea coach lets go for it” gives me chills everytime

    D 3

    Also when he told Brandon Williams to “Get is the ball back!” in LA. Williams said ok, then Peters got an interception!!!!!! EPIC!

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