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Ravens Report: Still a Rivalry Game

Hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh and Pro Bowl fullback Patrick Ricard, see What's In the Box (Christmas Edition) and look back on the win in Cleveland.

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Oui Bay

This game wont be close. The Steelers just lost to the Jets. Let that sink in for a minute.

    Van Morrison

    You got a point theré!

    It's that kid Nick

    Oui Bay we barley beat them last time and now our seconds strings are in but our team is all healthy now so it’ll be a pretty close game

    Tj Witcher

    @It’s that kid Nick I really want to disagree. The steelers first string and second are very all over the place. I don’t even think the score will be close. Easy win

    It's that kid Nick

    Tj Witcher that is true nonetheless gonna be a fun game to watch as always

Frank King

RGIII and crew will decimate the Steelers tomorrow

    colton adams

    Wish I was that confident in us lol. I think Pitts defense will have a field day with rg3 lol

Dustin Platt

Suck it Steelers.

-Ravens fan

    It's that kid Nick

    Dustin Platt I as a ravens fan back this


Erin looking as stacked and tasty as ever.

As for the game, hopefully, RGIII shows out and all the back ups prove themselves. I am worried about Ingram. A calf injury can hamper a strong RB’s mobility. He will be needed in the playoff run. A loss to the black and gold won’t be the end of the world, but no one wants it.

    Kevin Porter

    ‘Stacked’ is the perfect description.

    Lion Thomas

    Yo said tasty tho…….creepy bruh


    @Lion Thomas If you’re gay, I can see how my comment would be ‘creepy bruh’. Normal guys get it.

    Timothy Perry


mr coolc

Score prediction 23-10 Ravens
Like if u agree

    Van Morrison

    Just watch out for the 🐦 men!

Augie N.

Patrick Ricard is the best fullback in the NFL.

El - Amin

Forever a rivalry, it’s Ravens-Steelers. I don’t subscribe to the theory that a rivalry is one where we win one, you win one, you win two, we win two…I don’t care if we beat Pittsburgh 30 straight times, or God forbid, they beat us 30 straight…the rivalry is made up of the proximity, the familiarity, the fan bases and what’s at stake. There is always something at stake in a Ravens and Steelers game, first and foremost, we are divisional foes and there is no avoiding that or each other. Twice a year, every year, it’s on like hot butter on say what, the popcorn!



I want me an Erin for X-mas!

Ben Valenzuela

We’re so blessed to have Erin. Let’s get another W!


Go ravens #cawcaw lets get RG3 a starting job somewhere!


The revolution does not start and stop with LJ8. Yes, he is an important piece. The *team* will prove that each player is vital to the continuation of the revolution…

*Go Ravens!*


Let’s go Ravens! “We ain’t did nothing yet!” ✊👊😘

Wayland Holmes

She has some nice tah tahs…

    Jorge McFarlane

    She looks just like Lisa Ann to me

Journal Wright

Ravens vs. Steelers is always a great game regardless of the stakes. This is the greatest rivalry in the NFL of the new millennium.

Ninety Nine

Ayo this THANG lowkey thicc


Who wants to play “What’s in the Box?” with Erin?😛

Hayden Stoll

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t get the need for a 20 min episode when 15 min of it is just other videos released on the Ravens account a week ago.

Lon Landis

Why do we have to wait a FULL WEEK to see Erin “Ravensworth”??? She does such an EXCELLENT JOB!!

Lon Landis

Ravens players LIKE RG3 & will help him WIN against the Steelers. Go Ravens!!


Lookin’ lovely & festively attired. 💃🏻

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