#CupOfJoe: Joe Rose has your #MIAvsNE preview. Watch today’s game at 1:00 pm on @NFLonCBS. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Maurice Tate


jerry x

If they are able to evaluate players from practice squad with little tape on just think about college players they have a lot of tape on that’s dangerous?

    Jake Abjornson

    I didn’t think about that

Jake Abjornson

And think 11th straight afc East winner and I think the colts were in a little

joseph pearman

I Always look forward to Cup of Joe. Thanks!

stanley smith

There he is, Joe, go Dolphins !

Military Mindset

Let’s get it today Joe!! We are moving in the right direction, that’s for sure. Happy Sunday

Shaggy Drummond

Thank God this is the last game. I don’t care if MIAMI wins or not. Because win or lose rite season is over.

Shaggy Drummond

Now I wish Miami would have gone O and 16. Did you see Joe Burrow Play Last Night.

Don Evans

Get well soon Bo! Fins UP!

Quentin Seals

Our 1-15 team?? We ended up wit Cleo Lemon (no disrespect). Or maybe it was Cam Cameron!! Phins ☝️

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