Ravens Report: Appreciating a Playoff Bye – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Report: Appreciating a Playoff Bye

Hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh and tight end Mark Andrews, and look back on the Week 17 win over Pittsburgh and the best plays from the regular season.

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Can’t wait for next week


    Gonna be good

Jayces Challengers

Let’s go ravens flock if you dont make the superbowl your going to make me😭


    Welcome to Baltimore. We will see what we can do about it.

    dam gOOd

    I here that brother lol


    You know, I don’t feel like that exactly. Sure I’ll be sad if they don’t make it to the Superbowl, but this team is giving me so much happiness. I have never seen anything like it in my 73 years.


    RetireforLessCR EXACTLY!!!! No reason why any Ravens fan should be upset if it doesn’t go our way! That’s a, “Glass Half Empty” mentality! What the Ravens have accomplished this season has been amazing to watch! Super Bowl would just be icing on the cake! If not, then we always have following seasons to progress and get there💪🏾 no loss at this point, would upset me as a hardcore fan!

Jayces Challengers

And I went to your training camp



Landon Packman

This is the best the Pat’s are awt so I hope the ravens win the super bowl


    Lol thx

Salia Berthe

Our old divisional rival is coming to the bank.


    Yup we’ll see


Let get this win next Sunday cause “we ain’t did nothing yet!” #BigTruss!


    You are a Big Truss

    Brad Krauss

    Saturday night

Stephon Fernanders

RG3 is such a wonderful teammate man. I love this team 🤧


    He’s lit


My team,



    Thank you. Welcome to Baltimore! The Ravens welcome you too 😈

A_Train W

Man I hope we can stop Henry he was ripping the pats apart last night

    Day Day El Hombre

    MROOOZZZZZ rs I haven’t seen a RB that strong since bettis maybe 🤣🤣💯

    Charlie Proctor

    don’t worry. we stop Chubb from browns last time. he only got 45 yards I think


    The Claw AKA Judon read this and giggled

    Nons ツ

    We got the big boys on our d line he ain’t getting through there

grim farm

One game at a time



Rick S

“Good play I know you man handled him but don’t talk to him!” 😂I love that ref


    Very funny


    Rick S the refs really been proud of these guys this year! 😂 I got mad respect for the Ref that wanted to make sure LJ was ok after he took that hit breaking Vick’s record lmao really walked up to LJ and stopped him to make sure he was aight 💪🏾 give that Ref a ring!

Gary Addison

Chuck Clark is underrated he be dishing out punishing hits


    Very true


When RG3’s NFL career is over, the Ravens need to hire him as a quarterback coach or a a high position in the front office as an executive because he’s a leader, can handle pressure, very intelligent, very articulate, extremely motivated and very relatable with players.

He would be a perfect fit for the Ravens organization.


    You are right. He was definitely a factor in Jackson’s development.

    Wendy Phillips

    Even if he ends up somewhere else I will ALWAYS be a fan. I sincerely hope Baltimore keeps him though🙏

    Charlie Proctor

    yes absolutely


Baltimore Ravens versus the Tennessee Titans next Saturday.

I feel a lop sided blowout.

    dam gOOd

    So glad pats are out

    Hayden Stoll

    Honestly, I wanted the Pats to win. I’m kind of scared of Tennessee, and I think the Chiefs would take care of the Pats anyway


    @Hayden Stoll I agree, Texans felt like a much better match-up then Titans. They play similar to Ravens, they’re heavy in the lines and like to run the ball. We really need to stop Henry and force Tannehill to throw the ball!

    Charlie Proctor

    @eddiewinehosen we stopped Chubb in Cleveland last time


    Charlie Proctor hell yea we did lmfao 😂 Chubbs only managed to get 45 rushing yards against up lol

Salia Berthe

Guys I’m very stressed about having to play the Pats in Foxborough this postseason as they let us win during our previous encounter to plan a way to stop us during the postseason at Foxborough.
Especially after the way they crushed the titans and held Derrick Henry to 0 yards…


    Yes that was scary.

    dam gOOd



    Salia Berthe the irony 😂😂😂

Stoner Blaz3

Erin Hawksworth so sexy 😍👀


    Lol she is a great host!

Lauren Told

We are about to beat these Titans so damn bad next week.


    We shall see!

Leroy Worsley

He should be Coach of The Year! Coach Harbaugh started The Football Revolution! 14&2! #1 Seed! GO RAVENS!!!!! Most Rushing Yards & Points in Team History!


    Yes great numbers!

John B.

Here to see that gorgeous lady Erin.


    She has great camera presence!

GPS Sports

For y’all ravens fan I made a legit fire Lamar Jackson mix check it out

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