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Let’s go Chiefs!
Btw y’all are not first I am

Brannon Kelley

Go kansas city

Kilo Alcocer

First like if u know we gonna win

crazy A

Let’s go chiefs let’s get hyped

Stevone Capone

Defense wins championships Fellas let’s play aggressive let’s play with passion we got this go Chiefs

    Red Six

    heck of a stop by the Titans on the goaline

    j l

    @Red Six Chiefs handle business, Titans stun the football world by going into Baltimore and upsetting the Ravens… AFC Championship Game = Rematch from week 10 but this time in our house! Let’s Roll Chiefs!

James Rowell

I wasn’t expecting a program this week because of the bye. Glad to see one however. Thanks 65TPT

chiefs Fan

This is a opportunity for the chiefs

random smooth

Anybody see the Texans and Bills game?


    Refs trying to be on the cover of madden this year

    Chris Lapee

    Nighthawk for sure


    Crazy game, hopefully the titans win and we get to play Houston

    G M

    Way to go tight ones!! Pats out!!!

    random smooth

    Now we play the Texans >:)


Go Chiefs love you guys be safe and God bless you guys!!

Chris Honeycutt

How cool would it have been if T sizzle was a chief his whole career he is so awesome

Chris Honeycutt

I’ve always appreciated his play he so dominate


Kingdom stand up let’s Go Chief’s.

J Woe

Every time I see Pringle in a highlight making a key block, I smile.


    That’s what darwin Thompson needs to work on

Charlie Herrman

Let’s go chiefs lets win the super bowl

Herping Pennsylvania

Let’s get some pay back either way Pats or Texans let’s roll COME ON!!!!!!


Come on boys, I’m feeling it this season


I would like to see the all red unis for this game.


Hell yeah!!! pats are out for the season!!!! Lets go chiefs kingdom!!

Maria Alonso

Easy win for chiefs against Texans like if agree

    Walking the Emmaus Road

    No win in the playoffs is easy. But i like the matchup

    Harry Mills

    @Terry McBride : This is one of those years where the seeding doesn’t reflect the strength of the opponent. No disrespect to Desean Watson, but right now, I think the Titans are probably the tougher “out.” I don’t think I’m taking Houston for granted when I say that. But you’re not taking Derrick Henry out of the game until they’re 2 scores down in the 4th quarter.

    Harry Mills

    @Ron Bemis : Nice to see some faith. I’m more agnostic. But I haven’t seen as much stout and quick on a KC D-Line since Dan Saleamua was young.

    Robert Gunner

    Easy win. The Texans should’ve lost they got real lucky and wasted all there energy doing it! It won’t even be close and they gotta play in cold weather. Watson isn’t that great. He shouldn’t even have a playoff win right now. Chiefs 34- Texans 17

    Donald Un

    @Terry McBride Agreed and remember, Mahomes has an ankle now



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