Ravens Could Go Down as One of the Best Teams in NFL History | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jr. Power

Let’s go ravens! #PlayoffBound



Bradley Shoemaker

hell yeah



Warmonger Nova


    T B

    hell yeah



F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

It’s true we are 14-2 rn and we had a hell of a season


    Straight Facts 💪

    Dave Brown

    No doubt about that from a boys fan

Bradley Shoemaker

Hope we win the playoff game in 2 weeks. Let our players rest mostly Mark hope he’s better


    Exactly. If Mark Ingram is still hurt, we still got Gus “The Bus” Edwards and Justice Hill

    Bradley Shoemaker

    VJPlayz Yep, They helped us so much last game.

Respect Swet

It’s because they are the best team!!! 👍


big trusssss


Let’s stop talking till after we win in the divisional round fellas.

Moneyboymase24 Jr.

Let’s go ravens I’m coming to your next game #letsgoravens

Augie N.

” gonna get a Super Bowl out of me”
Will be the most legendary draft speech


    Augie N. Facts

Louie Jones

chiefs-ravens afc championship would be awesome

Ron Jones

Wow you guys are fast 💨


Yeaaa BMore

Bradley Shoemaker

We are the best team in the nfl because we definitely have THE BEST players so far

The Funny ish Christian Mays

Could go down?? Will go down as the best team

Rexy 1776

It definitely would go down as one of the best teams to win the SB. I mean this is the most dominant running attack in the modern passing era.

William Webster

Well said guys …For the record I’m nervous about KC matchup as well but in order to be the man you gotta beat the man I believe we can do it.

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