Marcus Peters Talks About Signing His Big Contract Extension | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
phlexxlugerr 1

let’s goooooo real ravens fans watch everyone’s interviews

    Dave Brown

    I never miss one from a boys fan thats about to be a ravens fan if they keep jg

    Ron Jones

    Yup he’s a true Raven and he knows it


    I don’t understand yall logic. So if I don’t watch *ALL* the interviews, im not a “real fan?” Smh
    People have preferences on players they like.
    Y’all actin real suspect on what it is to be a real Ravens fan. Not all fandoms are the same. Only thing that matters is we all support the team in different ways.

    *Go Ravens!*


    I try not to be a fan of teams (I’m English), but enjoying seeing these guys shine


    It’s always entertaining

Isaiah hammond

I swear he look like he from west Baltimore 😂


    The only thing missing is the accent


    Isaiah hammond Too Funny He sure do 😂

    James Woodward

    Isaiah hammond facts 😂

    Kyle Scott

    Lmfao I always said that when I first started hearing yo talk


    I’ll never be able to look at him the same now 😂😂😂

TSM Mont Miliner jr

U the best bro 💯 keep doing u my g

Calvin Farmer

Glad he got sign for a longer future

Crabbycabbi gaming


Augie N.

I can’t wait to see him play and continue to have a great impact on the team.


Marcus juice man peters so blessed to have him on our squad

6isco 6ool

“hey buddy”

Frosted Ice Pharoah

Best CB in the league. Can’t wait to see him feast on the Chiefs.

    Montiae Couse

    Jacabo Blanco easily.

    Terry McBride

    Pat Mahomes giving you Nightmares


    Marlon is the best CB in the game

    Wolfie Thegameyt

    Montiae Couse cough cough Stephane Gilmore,jalen ramsey darius slay like he good but u can’t put him before these guys plus others🤦🏾‍♂️

    Brian Baker

    @JayFlaxh facts so lame


Let’s go all Raven fans…”we ain’t did nothing yet.” #Ravennation

Aniyah Caldwell

First like I love Baltimore Ravens ever since I was little and will never give them up for another team

sandymgs bmoremd

Let’s go Baltimore Ravens 💪💪🏈🏈

Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

After signing that contract extension, I know he went to the bar and drunk a beer with the fans.

Baron R

You lose, you go home. That’s it.

MP Juice Mane…


Sooooo glad we extended him.


Tuck in the background “hey buddy” 😂😂

    Jacabo Blanco

    You see the clip of him saying “very large truss”


    DJ OhSo

    Jacabo Blanco dudes are straight comedy 😂

    Brandon Wachter

    Yeah! LoL. Tucker walking by saved MP’s image in this interview. He was real serious & wasn’t looking too happy, til he saw his buddy 😀👍


I’m glad we got this guy, he’s a big time player!!

Brad Hairston

You lose you go home…



Alan Joyner

“You loose, you go home.”
WE AINT GOIN HOME!!! #Miamibound


Hey he’s probably bragging about how he’s still playing football and the team that wanted to trade him is going to be watching from their homes the rest of the year.

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