Rapid reaction & highlights from the Broncos’ win over the Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Salvador Morales

First go broncos

Mr Dimitri18

Let’s goooo!!

Stevey Pulido

Go Broncos let’s

    kois kois

    Duh. Who else would’ve won?? 🤔

Lucas Nascimento

I knew Broncos was going to win

    kois kois

    Duh. Who else would’ve won?? 🤔

    Nak Attack

    @kois kois the other thirty teams had a better chance than Detroit.

Andre Renix

Good win BRONCOS 👏👏👏👏

    kois kois

    What other kind of win would we have??

    Andre Renix

    @kois kois no injuries 🤔🤜🤛🤔

    kois kois

    @Andre Renix Oh I Guess

David Alvarez

Good win lets go broncos


Now, can Elway fix our O-Line problems in the offseason. Not the draft, but free agency.

    Andy S

    @SanguineJunkRat Juwan has been a huge letdown in free agency, so has Ron Leary, Elijah Wilkinson, Menilik Watson and Donald Stephson, all free agent pick ups. Dalton Risner was a solid draft pick, so they can do it.

    pj on mobile

    Not really just get rid of Garrett bolles then we’re good our backups showed they can be good give them time to learn the position and we good

    Josef Schneider

    @Andy S I think you are right. Draft is wayyyy better for the oline. I Risner is the future. McGovern has been serviceable. Despite the narrative, Bolles is up and down. Much better run blocker than pass blocking.

    Sol Asar El

    We need to do Both … Just better that’s all …#GoBroncos

    Andy S

    @Sol Asar El It would be both with Juwan James locked in on his contract. There will be no top free agent left tackles and we know Bolles is a bust. They need to draft a left tackle and I believe a right guard. McGovern is a FA this year.

dat nibba prim

Hamilton tatted as a mf and I had no idea

billny thehighestguy

Philip Lindsey looks like a cave man lmao

    Brenton Burbank

    Looks like a TD machine to me


    You jelly he has hair 🤣

kuna coins



    Lol….like a flashback when he crushed Christian okoye

Landon Hyde


The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere


Denver Broncos Highlights


Brent Baldwin

It’s not called a shuffle pass, Phil. It’s called a shovel pass. Great things are ahead for this team, and it’s wonderful to have you be a part of it, though. 🙂

    Paul D.

    You’ve heard of an accent, yes? I listened many times to that point in the clip. Hard to judge if he said shuffle or shovel.

Al Aba

Happy for the win! Anyone know how many more yds for Lindsay to hit 1k? And, do you think he’ll get it next week?

    liberal hater

    He needs like 45 or so yards I believe.. and he’ll definitely get it!!

    Al Aba

    @liberal hater Thanks! I hope he does.

    Paul D.

    A Google search would be quicker than waiting on an answer, and more accurate too.

    liberal hater

    @Paul D. your such a smart guy we all appriciate your imput.. why didnt u do a quick google search and share with us the exact answer? I thought I heard 45 yards on mile high huddle, that’s why I said “i think”…

    Zachary Fuller

    42 yards exactly

Brenton Burbank

I like Phil he’s so calm under pressure

Jess Castaneda

I’m thinking playoffs next year this team is Ready to take that step

Schedule is looking rough again next season

    Bobby Tucker

    How do you know this ????????

    Luke Tewsley

    @Bobby Tucker well we have 6 games of AFC west always tough, we also have the nfc south because it’s been 4 years and divisions cycle so that’s 10 of the 16 and then probably patriots added in cause it’s been 3 years and then idk the rest.

John Waide

The Broncos looked sloppy in the first half, but they were able to come together and get it done in the second half.


Lindsay sounds Mexican

Gabriela Scott

You know how one of the lion players I think got Hurt well I’m a Junior bronco cheerleader and I saw him

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