‘Help us get that win!’: Todd Davis sends a message to #BroncosCountry following win over Detroit – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Salvador Morales

First have a better year 2020 todd and whole broncos organization



John Ruybal


Cobra Commander

Love it when he says.. “I hate the Raiders”good win today.

Isaiah Betone

Finish the year with a Broncos win and Raiders loss .

Aaron Burke

Let’s hope we get healthy before playing Oakland

TheReel TravisScott

Gotta love Broncos Country!!!

David From Colorado

Let’s go 7-9 and prepare for the offseason.

Bowhunter 1

Broncos need to Finnish on a positive next week. Reload for next season we got the qb now no excuses.

Nick Stelzer

Yep, we hate the Raiders.

Justin Kanicki

OMG…istg…wait till next year
Chubb Lindsay fant Sutton lock risner👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👍👍



Thomas Breen

Couldn’t agree more with the statement That Todd Davis made which was that he hates the raiders let’s go and win #BRONCOSCOUNTRY

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