Preparing For a Week 17 “Playoff” Game | Eagle Eye in the Sky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Preparing For a Week 17 “Playoff” Game | Eagle Eye in the Sky

Fran Duffy and Greg Cosell go back and reveal their notes after the Philadelphia Eagles' huge win over the Dallas Cowboys and look ahead to this weekend's matchup against New York to explain what the Eagles will face as they fight for their playoff lives in Week 17.

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Lynn B

30:30 is when they start talking about the Giants, early Christmas present

    Lynn B

    Pyramid1974 np, ofc


Eagles Nation


I swear to God the cowboys ALWAYS find a way to lose

SMA.FlyEaglesFly skeem


    SMA.FlyEaglesFly skeem

    @CoolP19 I’m already known brutha , that’s why I posted our road to the SUPERBOWL!! Its about to be special just get ready ✊🏁🏁🏁🏁


    Mark Hilditch who gonna clap us??? If we make it in the playoffs the only real threat or biggest threat is the Saints, I still say we can handle them. 🦅

    SMA.FlyEaglesFly skeem

    @CoolP19 hell yeah the only reason they a threat cause of drew BREES, but we want see him

    Mark Hilditch

    @CoolP19 I’m talking about if we were to face the Ravens in the SB


    Mark Hilditch Naw, it would be a dog fight but naw, when the last time the Ravens won a super bowl?


Wentz is bout to really catch 🔥

Emmet Fanatic 2019



My eagles ready


there were more negative yardage run plays than i would like to seen, but luckily Ward, Whiteside, Ertz, and especially Goedert performed hugely!

Aiden Burrell

Reboot deSean jackson

Don Vaun

Didn’t wentz throw it LOW to Ward in the BACK of the endzone?

    Love thick women

    What’s your point? The Eagles beat the Cowboys, period.

    Don Vaun

    because he claimed you throw it low to the front idiot

wil brander

You guys are good football human beings. Someday people will talk about you on a different podcast.

Narankhuu Avirmed

Jack Elliot no good. Jiants1, Cowboys missed 3

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