Miles Sanders “We Just Gotta Take Care of Business this Week” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Miles Sanders “We Just Gotta Take Care of Business this Week” | Eagles Press Pass

Hear from Philadelphia Eagles players Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, and more as the team returned to the NovaCare Complex to begin prep for the New York Giants.

Press Pass is presented by Xfinity.

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Why-so-serious X

Boobie da Yung Goat

Why-so-serious X

Wentz da Goat 3x

    Bleeding Green Nation

    Not yet

Why-so-serious X

That Fletcher hat is dope af 👌🏿

Timothy Kincade

Miles is mad humble!

    Bleeding Green Nation

    I don’t know about that. And time will tell.

    you still dem boys??

    @Bleeding Green Nation wdym he not humble tell me how he isn’t? Explain

    Why-so-serious X

    @you still dem boys?? don’t listen to that man lol everyone can clearly see it.

Mark Edwards Pezenosky

Big boy football..against cowgirls

    Bleeding Green Nation

    The Redskins will fold to the cowpokes and the Giants will play spoiler to Philadelphia Eagles.


    @Bleeding Green Nation A troll acting like a Eagles fan talk about weak. Show your true colors.


Sanders vs Barkley


    Round 2

Daz Dealz

Anyone Notice Miles Sanders DALLAS STINKS TD celebration? 😂 Folks we Found Shady 2.0 Got my Sanders Jersey for Xmas Whoop Whoop!!! 🦅🦅🦅🦅

    driedupastrey 19

    Nah its uts called Slatt

    Daz Dealz

    @driedupastrey 19 It’s called Jokes 😂

Donald Brown

G.Dallas gave Carson mad respect. That’s a teammate.

    Mark Hilditch

    I’ve been saying for awhile he’s practically another Ertz just underrated


    @Mark Hilditch A little heavier version

Daz Dealz

It’s so nice to see these guys Rally around Carson. The beginning of the year made me sick hearing all these BS rumors. Loving our TEAM and Team Chemistry right now.

    Bleeding Green Nation

    I don’t sick of it. Everything might be true according to reports.

    Bag of Rocks

    Bleeding Green Nation why do I see all these negative posts from you? Are you really an eagles fan, because from the looks of it, u think Wentz IS a cancer, we’ll lose on Sunday, and miles isn’t humble when he clearly is. I don’t get it lol

    Daz Dealz

    @Bleeding Green Nation There’s always one hater

Treshawn LaGrone

Fly Eagles Fly 🦅

Serious Fireworks

Miles will be one of the major reasons we go to playoffs

    Bleeding Green Nation

    I wouldn’t take it that far.


    @Bleeding Green Nation He honestly already has been. He’s had his two best games the last two weeks being the #1 RB we got.

    Serious Fireworks

    @Bleeding Green Nation then you havent watched the games..Sanders was major factor in last few wins


“I can run 4 miles” Sanders is a SPECIAL KID….



    Bleeding Green Nation

    I don’t know about this.

G Code 609


Stephen White

“He don’t deserve not presents this year” lmfao

Simi 615

I love you Miles! You are an example of a great teammate!

Tay On a mission

I feel the same way on less losses or no losses

Beef Testosterone

Nigel bradham is a good linebacker

    Cambo Rambo

    Way better than demeco ryans imo

Joe M

Gonna be tough without Ertz, gotta lean more on the run game with Miles & Howard. Plus Goedert is a MONSTER, & I trust Ward, Scott, & Perkins

    Semion Johnson

    Ertz is not ruled out he is questionable I think he will play this a big game he will tough it out just like he did in the Cowboys game.


    Your right the Eagles never win game without him…oh wait they do.

Cambo Rambo

Is sanders going to keep #26 or going back to #24 after this season? Asking because i want to cop that jersey!

    Lethal Talon24

    If we don’t resign JH24 he definitely taking that number

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