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William Kats III

#1 should be the Dolphins for putting the Pats in a wild card game

    Rope Neck




ded meme no.420

The titans beat the pats AND ravens why are they so low????


    George Harry what team, they just rely on Derrick Henry to score, hell they even counted on him as a quarterback he threw a TD pass and he’s a running back


    @DaltonThomas You said the chiefs aren’t slowing down, and I just said neither are the Titans. Can’t use Kansas City in that way because the Titans are hotter then the Chiefs right now. Threw down the best QB and Coach ever, with this seasons best D, the best team overall handily, so therefore they aren’t either. How you trying to spin this?

    George Harry

    Feedingz Thts all they needed against the chiefs but aj brown doesn’t have 1000 yds receiving from blocking, we can pass too, TITANUP


    Lawrence Smalls the Ravens fans all said that they were going to win the super bowl,

    Byron Sloan

    The hate is real homie!!  TitanUp!!

Marky Mark

Wildcard to the Super bowl; remember the titans

    Elias Onzalez

    Marky Mark movie reference?

    Elias Onzalez

    Still, it’s not the same to get there than win it, that they will definitely will not if it’s the niners (that will be)

    Marky Mark

    Elias Onzalez I’m not even a titans fan but that defense is underrated. Niners vs titans will be a close game tho

    The Heat Inferno

    Yo if the Titans win the Superbowl that will be legendary. The lowest ranked team beating #1, #2, #3 and #4? Has that ever happened?

Philly Prince

Packers Vs Chiefs: Battle for the State Farm Championship.

    El güero

    Pack won’t beat Niners

    Martin Lee


    Myron Spurlock

    It’s also a repeat of super bowl #1. Not suprising at all if it happens.


    TheConspiracy Realist the chiefs haven’t lost a game by more than one possession in like three years

    miguel moreno

    tada HARAJIKu your just voting on the upsets chill out that ain’t happening

Geust123 456

17 minutes to tell us the top 4 teamd

Evil Duck

Cynthia still disrespecting the Titans smh


    @fernandezsandra24 9ers, TN, GB, KC

    Clayton King

    Cynthia needs to go make them guys some sandwiches or something.


    @mberwind 9ers kc tn gb

    A C

    Lets be real. As a packers fan we ain’t beating the niners. We got a record 13-3 because we beat trash teams and blew them out. To me, the only tough games we had was against the chiefs and the niners which blew us out. Im not even afraid to bet my money on the niners winning against us.

    Tennessee Titans

    Jon 66 yea I hope

Klaymond Durry

Whats the point of having rankings at this point in the season. You might as well talk about the matchups

    miguel moreno

    Klaymond Durry lmao they gonna come out with “Super Bowl power rankings” too watch 🤣

    Loanword Eggcorn

    @Klaymond Durry No, that would be way too logical and require actual work.

Bilal Aslam

You know who I’m rooting to NOT go to the Superbowl? CYNTHIA!

Keaton King

The pink bunny in the background knows more about the game than Cynthia

    jodha regala

    I agree

    Timothy Ball

    Pink bunny has batteries, and Cynthia has zero batteries. Batteries are like a computer, oh wait! Human brain is also like a computer, this is a tie. But I will give the edge to pink bunny, Cynthia has many distractions. Pink bunny only does ads.

    Tristen Laderoot

    @Timothy Ball man that pink bunny be stunting

    Timothy Ball

    @Tristen Laderoot Yeah, sure stunting a good answer. Wonder if ‘stunting’ is Scrabble acceptable? I could go and look to see if it’s okay, but my interest is real low, bye Tristen! I don’t see you but I will put in in the group that is thought of as a [10], ten!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no no Virus

Who’s going to believe this just look at his socks.🤔

    TheConspiracy Realist

    Exactly… WTF are those? Oh, wait… ESPN has in his contract that he has to play the Clown to the others. He has the best voice of the three, but they made him wear his clown feet.

Justin Dugan

Beats the pats and ravens..”let’s put em at the last spot”


    All Things Sports That doesn’t mean you can stop DH. You gave up 188 yards to him on an offense fresh off the back of a major QB change.

    Taco Taker

    All Things Sports but titans beat the overrated chefs…


    Taco Taker so did the Texans.

    Sam King

    Beating Pats doesn’t mean much and Ravens choke in the play offs! Besides anyone can beat anyone on any given day. I think the fact that they had a 9-7 record suggests that they’re the 4th best team left

    Sam King

    @Justin Dugan Like you said you “barely made it to the play offs”


Everyone has to remember the Chiefs have REALLY stepped up their game recently


    Y’all are only saying the titans are good because of Derrick Henry, they rely on him too much cause the rest of the team sucks or at the very best are decent, ay ngl tho they defense pretty alright tho but the chiefs are gonna win because they have a more explosive offense and has more than one player on the team, y’all are only saying the titans are good cause they beat the ravens but all of us (or at least most) of us were calling the ravens the best because they were winning most of their games and had the most wins in the regular season than any other team but look at them now, titans are doing good but the chiefs have an overall better team than the titans, yes they have Derrick Henry but we have more than 1 player we can use to win games, I’m calling it, chiefs and 49ers for Super Bowl, although packers and chiefs would be cool for a rematch of the first super bowl for the 100th season of the NFL


    Feedingz straight up

    miguel moreno

    I wouldn’t be surprised if titans win but no way they winning Super Bowl as long as my niners take care of business 🤧


    so has every team that makes it to this point in the playoffs lol

    Shawns a Virgin

    @Lynch’s Revenge yea but the chiefs are good in the playoffs the ravens are horrible in the playoffs

BryceBro 10

Cynthia: “Mahomes wasn’t clicking week 10” Threw for 440 yards and multiple TDs 😂

    Josh Edmonds

    she is an idiot but let me break it down for you…mahomes week 10 36-50 446 3 TDs…1st game back after an injury..a little rust…not fresh…maybe still sore…those were his numbers…and he more then likely..wasn’t at his best..if anything she complimented him..not talked trash



    George Harry

    Josh Edmonds nah lol he looked fresh and well rested, only thing tht didn’t look good was his decision making on a couple plays. Should’ve ran it a couple times and instead thru some low percentage passes

    Tim's TV

    She said the health of the cheese… They had a o line man go out first quarter… she does know Niners beat down Packers without Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander. It’s supposed to be easier this time?🤯

Dewitt McDidditt

NFL: *makes literally any power ranking*

Someone in the comment section: *wait, that’s illegal*

Blackthorn 461

The titans: beat the patriots and the ravens

Cynthia: the titans are #4


    id put them ar three thou

    Phil E

    Yeah, I would put them at 3 in front of Green Bay

    Austin B

    Bbbbbbbbb…..but the ravens and patriots choked titans didnt beat them. Said by every nfl “expert”

Steve B

He doesn’t think the 49ers identity is running. Translation: He’d never watched a 49er game until last weekend.

    Charles Berry

    @Steve B exactly

    miguel moreno

    Banana_Jesus_931 umm please don’t tel me your a packers fan….

    Respect Swet

    Steve B I wonder if they look at the comments and think about how stupid we think they are!

    Sam King

    9ers have been at their best when they’ve run the ball and that should be clear to anyone talking football. These guys (and gal) are stupid


Everybody is overlooking the Chiefs’ 26th ranking Rushing Defense vs. Derek Henry.

    Stephen West

    If that was the only part of the game they would be. It’s not. So its part, not all

    Kendall Tate

    @Stephen West That’s still a pretty big part of the game.

    Stephen West

    @Kendall Tate and the only part in which kansas city isnt totally dominant over Tennessee. It’s a part, and a big one. But I have a feeling the titan underdogs are about to hit a buzzsaw

    Tristen Laderoot

    @Stephen West man but if chris jones is playing as SAS would say that’s one baaaaaaaad maaaan

    Cabbage man

    So the titans defence shut down the best offence in football and it’s like 3rd.

Cyrus Aragon

He trusts Aaron Rogers more because of his experience let’s be fr

Elias Onzalez

“Niners personality isn’t running”

NFL stats: niners 2nd best running offense in the league

49ers offense: am I a joke for you?

Ryan Casaray

Like how they’re saying the 49ers identity isn’t rushing when we have the 2nd best in the league

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