Cowboys Break: Needing Answers | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Needing Answers | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The crew returns to try and figuring out puzzling questions such as the coaching staff and why Drew Pearson still isn't in the HOF.

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Emiliano Andujar


norleena davies

Can we please replace Amber G…..Sorry all she does is repeat what everyone else has already said….I’m going to try and bare hearing her only for the love of The Cowboys. She talks way more than she should and she overpowers others. I have to turn the volume down when she talks…since she talks so loud. Please give us a break…🙂


I saw on the website where LVE had successful surgery on his neck. My main question is – why didn’t they just put him on IR during the season and he could have had surgery at least a month earlier?? Who makes these decisions?? He had already conceded he wasn’t going to finish the season….. Dumb. BTW – I’m *not* first and no one cares.

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