Phillip Lindsay: ‘We need to have momentum going in to next year’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stevey Pulido

Go broncos

on the rocks entertainment

This is a young group of players that are great they will grow 💯 Go broncos👍👍

Unknown Peace

Phil definitely is a top 5 back and I love him and no matter what he never blames anyone what a dude

Wallace Velie

Lindsey can catch a ball, and he knows how to secure if. You don’t always have to hand it off, catch him on a slant route. God help anyone catching him if he is at full speed. Where’s Freeman? He can catch too? He gets the ball rarely. Heurman is going to end up leaving, and end up an all pro for another team who recognizes his talent, and gets him involved, mark my words.

    Darion Spencer

    I like him coming out the backfield catching passes cause it gives him space which he needs… he can’t rub through tackles but he forsure can make someone miss in space

    Future Echo

    @Darion Spencer uh? That’s one of his main strengths, getting yac. He’s a tough cat to tackle, cos he’s always looking for more.

    Nick Ripteye

    Jeff signed a 3 year deal he aint going no where. Fant will be a top 10 TE when his career is done if he stays healthy.

    Wallace Velie

    @Nick Ripteye I hope not, really like Fant too.

    Future Echo

    @Nick Ripteye Top 5. Yeah he’s definitely our Rob Gronkowski, with hire man makes two solid TE’s and puts less pressure on Jeff to be the main man.

Future Echo

Momentum means a lot. Lindsay speaks a lot of truth. He walks the walk and talks the talk.
Win out Broncos.

Gear Head

I think we need chemistry going into next year. This season is over. Winning out don’t matter at this point. We need all y’all to stay and get healthy. Much love to all who suit up in blue and orange. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

    Future Echo

    This season is not over and yes, chemistry matters but so does continuity of the core group and coaches.

    Gear Head

    We have 2 games left. I would love to see a couple of W’s, but it’s not gonna brake my heart if we don’t. I’m looking forward to next year. We got a young team with tons of talent. They just need to start clickin. I’m excited for next year.


Stay healthy and we will see this team break out next year. So much talent.

Tybo Thor

I gotta get your jersey

Michael Lemos

7 carries and averaged over 4 ypc. He can’t call the plays. They need to run more, especially in the snow.


    Michael Lemos agree. I think the coaches see the stuffs’ from the defensive team and shy away from the run game. IMO I think that is horrible decision making based off of 7 carries

Mile High Truth

Our offense is weak sauce

John Waide

Momentum equates to confidence and confidence equates to winning


Is this another re-upload???

Aaron Weaver

We need the best player in the draft

Clyde Triplett

Momentum , that was gone when The Bad calls on Von
Turned to lost games.
The NFL is a rigged game

Dave Logan

Lindsay is holes.. 18 inches coach..thats all he needs..also Lindsay has dropped screen catch the ball..dont dance around..pop and straight line to 2nd level then shake off safety bro..lets go

david wilkinson

I think we need an offensive line that can actually block I’m sick of the Broncos trying to run the ball when we’re having no success running Lindsay gets hit in the backfield way too often

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