Courtland Sutton on not being selected to the Pro Bowl: ‘It is what it is’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
So SpunOut

At the end of the day “it is what it is”.

Bronco Nation

Courtland definitely got snubbed. But good for him for staying classy and not throwing a fit. (Ahem Antonio Brown)

Hunter Livie

No Sutton or Simmons?


    Hunter Livie Our record has been horrendous for 3 years running. No one was deserving of a pro bowl on this team. Start winning some games and people will notice.


    OnYourKillList not true


    @OnYourKillList Bucs have Evans and Godwin and yet they still suck.

    Hunter Livie

    @Edoardo I’m not saying no Broncos go in the pro bowl, but saying guys like Sutton and Simmons who deserve to be in the pro bowl dont get in because our team sucks

    Uso Penitentiary

    OnYourKillList the Browns have one more win than we do yet Landry made it in over Sutton. Don’t agree with that statement even though I see where you’re coming from. Hell, Barkley and Dixon are both pro bowl alternates on the Giants and that team is much worse than us

Art Technology Dental Studio

why von miller? he did not do that great this year

    M 4D

    Art Technology Dental Studio they say Von Miller because all the offenses have to plan against him. if they didn’t do that he would have a better year

    mehmet demirci

    Maybe because he is VON FUCKING MILLER lmao he was getting doubled sometimes tripled just to keep him away. that says a lot about a guy. plus we got a whole bronco country voting for this mans of course hes going to be in the pro bowl.


This guy made such huge jumps from last year. Can’t wait till next year. Well done Mr. Sutton.

    Future Echo

    He’s a good kid and he can get better. His best is yet to come.

Daniel Johnson

This is why we have such an exciting future ahead of us because of how our young have heart and carry themselves on and off the field.
Sutton, Lock, Philip, Fant, list goes on and on

    Future Echo

    There’s truth in youth lol

Matthew Riley

Unfortunately, the pro bowl vote is mostly a popularity contest and the best players don’t always get in. That’s why being an all pro is more credible.

Kathleen Henderson

Amazing character in Courtland Sutton! He will be there next year! Courtland is being doubled covered, each game. Why didn’t he get selected to be in the Pro Bowl? What a classy act! My new phrase: “It is what it is”! When you end up in a challenging situation, great way to respond!

    Future Echo

    Saying it and believing it can be two different things.

Leonel Pelayo

It is what it is💯

Future Echo

He’s just not as mature as he’d like to tell you he is.
Being an answering machine to reporters only works when you’re winning but you can see through the bluff and bluster.
He’s a good player and he’ll hopefully improve but it’s a game of hard knocks.
It is what it is indeed.


Beast year cuz! Come back stronger.

Branden Gatewood

my man took a page out of marshawn’s book😂


Lock to Sutton for the next 10 years!!!

John Waide

Miller will be representing the Broncos in the Probowl

Chase Wellner

Ah once again the Broncos get shafted

Shot Creator

The future is bright for him and Justin Simmons. The two that deserved a pro bowl spot for sure

Aaron Weaver

Wait until chubbs is back man

Michael Crabtree

Courtland…thank you for being an awesome wide receiver. Just keep on playing at a high level and youll get it next year. Keep up the good work.

Clyde Triplett

He is a true number one receiver I pray for him


They only pick guys from winning squads we KNOW who the Pro bowlers are! GO BRONCOS your jersey is the one I got this year! Your a baller!

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