Philip Rivers Emotional Reaction to End of 2019 Season, “I couldn’t have tried any harder” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Austin Paley

Thank you Rivers. You will forever be my quarterback💪🏻💪🏻

Kaleb Hull

Always my quarterback

Jaesen Evans

Ah man, that’s my quarterback.

    Joseph Clark

    @Philip Harrison 🤣😂😆

    Philip Harrison

    @Joseph Clark what LAST year they won all the close games this year if flop they lost all there close games. Every game was close this year besides two games FACTS

    Mohanad Al-Safi


    Jah Q

    As a man, he is a great guy, As a player he just cant get it done

    John C

    Great guy great QB. Go Bolts. Next year is our year ⚡️

Steven Bishop

No matter what happens, we will always appreciate what Philip has done for us!

    Fresh Productions

    ricky j shut up 🤐

    Latenite Breepinblood

    Wat has he done🤔


    @Latenite Breepinblood been an above average QB with a 3rd ballot HOF career in my opinion. Go check the stats. Ownership and management let Rivers down more than the other way around. Rivers made us formidable for 14 years. Chargers would’ve been a lot worse off without Rivers

    Latenite Breepinblood

    MrBearloc1 you got a point💯

Jose Castillo

Never had a good line and still managed to build a hall of fame career. Legend #17

    Cary Johnson

    Tory Page you obviously didn’t follow the Chargers. How the hell the ownership get rid of a 14-2 coach with Marty? How the hell they give Norv Turner 5 years? How the hell they give aj smith 8 or 9? Off the back of drafting Weddle? Or gates? 4 years for Mike McCoy. An absolute refusal by the GM to draft OLine replacements for Hardwick, Vasquez, or Clary for the last 6 years. Years after years of defensive or special teams let downs. A fish rots from the head down. The problem starts with ownership and that leads to inferior coaching. They are a second rate organization and this is coming from a Chargers fan. Phillip takes way too much blame for the state of this franchise.


    @Legend__ 21 and how they keep doing Antonio Gates

    tamire davis

    Man he gone be a charger 4 life. He gone remain a charger. But we can’t blame him for most of our Ls. Because he didn’t have a Line. N injuries hurt us. Next year gone be realllly interesting.

    tamire davis

    We gone have our starters back. Melvin, joey, Gordon, Derwin, Keenan. We need ppl to step up also exceptionally our corners. We gone destroy the league next year. Anthony Lynn gone get this team back on track. But he had alot of injuries that killed this team but next year boyyy. Our Chargers gone go far.

    Legend__ 21

    @… exactly bro

Logan Schlepp

As much as I have a love/hate relationship with rivers especially this season, I still hope they bring him back for another year or two. He loves this team and pours his heart out there on the field. Give him a good healthy o line and draft a qb who can learn under him, we still have a really great future ahead of us. No matter what though In The end I love filthy Philip Rivers and everything he’s done for this team

    Madden Mobile God

    Logan Schlepp bro these fans just talk they don’t know how hard it is on the field they won’t every thing just right


    I love him too, but goddamn it I think he should actually care a bit more about his INTs lol


Bro I will always have respect for my qb

Legend__ 21

It really pisses me off how people hate on such a good person…i will always be a ride or die for #17 and I better see him on this team next year or imma be pissed because he is the heart of this team on and off the field …no matter the record you will always be my QB💯. Let’s regroup during the off-season with o linemen so my boy has time to throw and key get players from the draft and Lets get my boy a ring. Love you phil #BoltUp 🙏🏾💙⚡


    Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get a roughing the passer flag


    @MichaelDemented in the last 10 years, he’s gotten 20, the 18th most out of 50 QBs reported.


    dnaward2004 thanks for the info

    The Last San Diego Sports Show

    Legend__ 21 people hate because there’s no rings to show just a bunch of failures

    Riley Ladiero

    dnaward2004 I would be mad too when every other qb gets hit they get roughing the passer penalty but when rivers plays he gets hit late or below and the refs never throw a flag for him

Do you know da whey

Ahhh Phillip rivers love em he’s a heart attack to deal with but I’ve how can u not love em

    Sam W.

    Thats not the only thing u should be worried about. You’re gonna have an aneurysm, stroke, stress ulcer, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea when the team decides to move on from him. Dealing with any QB is stressful. No QB is perfect! Even Montana, Brady, and Manning have their moments, and would have it on a consistent basis.


    I’m a packer fan, but I’ve always followed PR, he’s a special guy. Reminds me of #4 from GreenBay. He’s honest and decent

The Three Burritos

I will miss you rivers you were a big part of my grandmas life. She loves you.

    Madden Mobile God

    The Three Burritos trust me Anthony linn is bringing him back

Lowkey asab

Even tho I was mad at you a lot this year, I appreciate everything you did for us been watching you since I was a kid man, we love you Rivers

    Latenite Breepinblood

    Lowkey asab nothing?

    rara mcgee

    Same h ere bud I’m 26 now… And a nc state fan (cause my uncle went there) and he is soooo nice in person.


    rara mcgee My dad went to nc state too and he’s a big philip rivers fan too

Pyper Lost the remote

We still rootin for ya Rivers!💙💛

The Whys Guys Podcast



    Tay McCullough

    The Whys Guys Podcast please exactly

    Ceez B

    One more year!

    He played with a damn torn ACL when the cheating Patriots beat us at Qualcomm (before spygate become public)!

    This man sacrificed his body & future well being when his number was called.

    I’ll quit the chargers for good if they dont sign him to a 1-2 year extension.

    How easy people forget. Give him some damn protection and Philly Rivs will get the BOLTS there!

    Sign him TALESCO! #chargeup #nfl #loveofthegame #sandiegochargers #rivers #shannonsharpe #dripbayless #undisputed #tombrady #chargers #nflplayoffs


    No I think it’s time for him to retire or move on from the team as much as I love and respect rivers as a player and how tough he is but I just feel like he’s done he’s under throwing a lot of balls and not making great decisions in the pocket


This man deserves a ring!! Next season is Rivers 17th season. And he’s number 17 you never know he might finally win one!!

    Berry Tharp

    Let it go. He is done.

    Big Trips Keepin it real

    Yeah I Wana see him retire on a winning season.

    Tom Da Comic Book Nerd

    @Berry Tharp I agree

    G Gutierrez

    I don’t even care with what team it’s on, I just want to see Phil get his ring.

    R Go



I want to blame Rivers for not winning a super bowl for the Chargers but I can’t 💯 of the blame goes to Dean Spanos worst team sports owner ever.

    Peter Salgado

    Amen to that eazyrider

lynnsinn 97

I wish this man the best of luck going forth! He deserves a ring even if it’s not with us. Much love phil.

    Roger Smith

    Lynn You are a beautiful girl.🤗😇

ann Craig

Great QB will be missed 😭⚡

    Big Trips Keepin it real

    He ain’t gone yet .not official

GSR 02

🥺I don’t want him to leave


As much as you piss me’ll still be one of my favorite qb’s in the NFL
Open the gates and let the rivers flow😁😁🗣🗣

DatChargers Fan

Im not crying, YOUR CRYING

    fonsie 32

    No my eyes are just sweaty

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