Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons – Buccaneers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons – Buccaneers

Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn discusses the thrilling 28-22 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the final game of the 2019 season.

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Krispy Illini

Way to finish rise up !

    Ryan Flanagan

    Who dat

    Michael Rolen

    Ryan Flanagan enjoy the wildcard

    kingspurs 353535

    @Ryan Flanagan your anits getting a bad pick and a bad playoff run.

I'm That Guy Eddie

That’s my coach

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints

    I'm That Guy Eddie

    @Ryan Flanagan 🤢


    @Ryan Flanagan NEVER heard of them

Zachary Stone

You better do something next season or I’m going to lose my mind


    @Ryan Flanagan Aints*

    kingspurs 353535

    @Martif fr

    Dewayne duffy


    Dewayne duffy

    @Ryan Flanagan man whatever lol

    C. Buck Hyres

    I say:  To Hell with the Saints.  ♠GO FALCONS♠  ATL on the ^upswing^!


2020 is our year

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints

    Drum Corps Central

    Ryan Flanagan shut up the saints are overrated

    kingspurs 353535

    @Drum Corps Central fr

    Lanta FALCONS

    Drum Corps Central lol he’s clearly a falcons fan cause he commented on our channel

Ben Solo

I want to see the victory speeches

Alex Clark


Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

all right DQ…. it’s on you to get the job done come next season… no excuses #letsgofalcons 👏😎💪

Scotty Robinson

Dan Quinn fired the offensive line coach in 2 season Matt Ryan been sacked almost 90 times unacceptable and in first round of the draft get a OL RB WR DL or CB one of those opinions I can’t wait for next season I’m already fired up let’s go!!!!!

Nick bagnulo

Can we take this momentum into next year
Last year we didnt
That’s because we fired OUR OC AND DC


    This is true, although I don’t believe “momentum” doesn’t carry over from season to season. The team that “finished strong” at the end of 2018 wasn’t the same team at the beginning of 2019 for the reasons you mentioned. The roster was obviously a little different but switching OC from Sark to Koetter was a massive change and DC from Manuel to DQ surprisingly changed the D more than expected and neither side of the ball panned out at all with those changes. I don’t like the idea of changing OCs every year but I do believe we’d be better off replacing Koetter whom most believe has been a bad OC this year. The offense is also still underachieving. The most promising thing about this team is Morris making a huge impact improving the defense and officially becoming the DC moving forward. That bodes well for the defense in 2020 as we should expect to see the same quality that we’ve seen since the bye if not better. Especially how well they’ve played on third downs. I don’t see a very bright future on offense with Koetter as the OC but hopefully the OL will be better assuming we see both rookies make decent year two jumps and improving the quality of play at RG and RT. That would at least maximize the run game and better protect Matt Ryan.
    Sorry for rambling lol

    Tejsh Desai

    That’s exactly why Arthur kept Quinn. To keep continuity. But Koetter still needs to go. He’s holding this offense back.

    Cody Paul

    @Tejsh Desai He damn sure is holding us back. I know they are keeping him but Koetter’s play-calling was terrible at times again today especially inside the red zone and 5 field goals proves my point and why are we still throwing bombs on 3rd and 1 before being unsuccessful running the ball on 4th and 1????? We stuck with him for next year but he needs to get off of that throwing the ball 50 times a game and start trying to establish the run to the outside which plays to the strength of our backs instead of continuing to try to run it up the middle over and over.

    LA Ryan

    Cody Paul. We need to keep throwing until Matt learns how to use the passing game. I said at the beginning of this season the success of the offense depends on how Matt runs it and it was ugly. Next season will depend on Matt again and we can’t keep blaming the o-line and the play calling.


Nice second half Not the season i wanted however a positive way to head into next season Please falcons lets get a SB title before ryan and Julio leave us

Dwayne Hardwell

Dirk needs to be fired he got keys to a Lamborghini and driving it like a Sentra


    First year OC’s always struggle. Shanahan had a bad first year and then we went to the SB the very next year

    Dwayne Hardwell

    808bboarder this is not dirk first year he’s been here before and worked with Matt and Julio before he has no running game offense is too predictable

    Michon Craig

    Yeah bro. Rewatch this game tape alone and see that he doesn’t run enough on 1st and 2nd down. Passing heavily in early Downs can get predictable and it allows Defensive lines to pass rush against us with no gap discipline. We get 2 incompletes and now we’re 3rd and 10. We had to be 3rd and 8+ at least 8 or 9 times this game. That’s virtually impossible even with a mediocre run game. Notice some of his most successful runs came on 2nd down (D linemen were not discipline and over played the pass rush)

Future Trunks

Now we start winning games with no playoffs hopes sigh

Drum Corps Central

I think we can all agree that after the first 8 games, this season could have been a lot worse than it ended. With a good draft, getting everyone healthy we can make a wave next year.

John Thompson

Now listen from 3:37 til the end and tell me who tf else needs to coach this team! If you against that then you a flaw as Falcons fan..‼💯

    Dominik Magosch

    Yessir!!! Love this team so much. Let’s get it in 2020 and love Coach Quinn 💪🏻 #riseup ❤️

Seargent AR-10


Seargent AR-10



Drath a full back,


That man sure knows how to talk

StarKiller 5iveOh

Shout out to Nelson Agholor and the Bucs kicker!! Technically, we are a 5-11 team.
Had that kicker made ONE FIELD GOAL, that game wouldve ended with an L.

StarKiller 5iveOh

Looking at next season’s schedule, I see 7 losses based on how the team looked yesterday.

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